Shared Notion Client Workspace: The Project Delivery OS

A comprehensive & collaborative workspace for facilitating smooth client and freelance projects.
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Especially in this remote working, digital world; client communication is key. This workspace allows you to easily track key actions, processes, documents and deliverables with each and every new client: asynchronously. Enough of the back-and-forth; start streamlining your client projects, today.

This Ability Stack will let you:

  • Quickly develop, link and share User Personas from a tried and tested template;
  • Research and provide an analysis of key competitors--all in one view;
  • Scope out (or give key reminders) for your client's company mission, vision and brand story;
  • Track, schedule and store calls and meeting notes;
  • Stay on top of WIPs, feedback, project assets, research links and account passwrods throughout the project;
  • Link your key project documents like Project Terms, Proposal, NDA and more; and
  • Consolidate all of this into one, neat and non-intimidating Client Portal Dashboard.

What Stage Of Business?

If you're already running client projects, this will be an excellent resource to help streamline your repeat processes. For those just getting started--you can easily take the key components of this workspace as your starting point, then tailor it to be your own.

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Who Is It For?

  • Freelancers 🤠
  • Consultants 🕴️  
  • Independent Contractors 💼

Key Outcomes

By the end of it, you'll have:

  • An integrated, tight-knit project workspace for every new client (which can be duplicated and set up in under 5 mins);
  • A clearer view of past projects, assets, and processes; both for your portfolio, but also to make self-reflection on your business simpler and smoother;
  • A frictionless on-boarding process that clients love; and
  • Many spare hours on your hands saved by asynchronous sharing and feedback processes.

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