Time Tracker Dashboard: Notion Template

Get a clear overview of precisely where your time is going. From productive hours to distractor limits; keep it all consolidated in this automated Notion dashboard.
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*Please note that detailed guidance for how to implement this template is coming very soon. In the meanwhile, we have reduced the pricetag to just $6 at checkout. If you have questions about integration and get in early, please send me a message at gerrard@landmarklabs.co and I'll be happy to walk you through the Google Sheet, Zapier integration or Timely logging process as needed.


With more of our working lives moving digital, there are pros and cons. One of the pros is an unprecedented ability to record, track and tag our time on-screen. If your work demands a lot of screentime, that can take its toll in other ways--but at the very least, you might as well be mining those data for insights and key learnings about employee no. 1: you.

This Ability Stack will let you:

  • Break down your total weekly hours by Project, Billable vs. Non-Billable, Learning, Distractors (and any other tags you input);
  • Automatically update your dashboard with a Zapier - Google Sheets - Timely integration;
  • Manually input or log data if you're not using a screen time tracker;
  • Set objectives and goals for yourself (both on the productive side and on the 'limits' side); and
  • Help you make clearer decisions about where to invest time into your business.

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Key Outcomes

By integrating this dashboard into your workspace, you'll gain access to:

  • 5 Dashboard views to breakdown your time tracking;
  • A clear system for setting time-based (& productivity-based) objectives;
  • An automated system that means you don't need to log hours, manually; and
  • A fully-customizable experience, to tailor your time-tracking needs as makes sense for you and your goals.

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