Leads Tracking & CRM Stack

Needs Focus
120-180 minutes
The ever-elusive lead... either missing when you need it most, or ironically plentiful when not needed at all. Let's build a system to help make this flow a little more reliable.
Contact Information Template: What To Collect
Lead properties, types, sources and the basics of what to collect about your leads.
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Leads Calculator And Forecaster
Calculate and model how many leads you'll actually need to go out and generate.
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How Long It Will Take To Fill Your Pipeline
Forecast how much time goes into non-billable activities like prospecting, writing proposals and what that all means for gathering enough leads each month.
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Notion CRM Template
Learn how to quickly fill, sort, update and prioritize our pre-built Notion CRM.
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Faster Prospecting With Notion Web Clipper & Clutch
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Visual Breakdowns & CRM Dashboard
While you're busy collecting and contacting leads, it can be easy to lose sight of larger trends. Use these simple visual models to help breakdown the makeup of your CRM and contacts.
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