Objectives, Actions & Key Projects OS

60 minutes
These are the fundamentals of all operations; use this workspace and linked databases to streamline your productive efforts, set clear targets, track progress and always have a confident overview of your business.
Setting Objectives For Your Solo Or Freelance Business: Template
Let's take a slightly more rigorous and grounded approach to goal and objectives setting as a freelance or solo business owner and operator.
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Notion Project Management Template
You can start using this free notion project management template to stay on top of key projects and actions in your business.
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A Simple Notion Task Management System
Keep track of all actions, tasks and to-dos, while linking them with key projects, campaigns and business objectives in your Notion workspace.
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Key Metrics & Tools Database
Objectives and goals aren't much help without associated metrics. Add this block to give your workspace some common key metrics and data source functionality.
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