Proposals, Bidding & Project Kickoff Stack

60 minutes
Efficiently pricing your services, clearly stating your case and getting off on the right foot; three underestimated aspects of being a solo project-based business. Save yourself some time (and maybe bump up the price) on your next proposal with this stack.
Introductory Client Call Template
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A Bidding Calculator For Freelance And Consulting Projects
Use this Causal model to help make more informed bids on your next project proposal.
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Project Proposals: Notion Workspace Template
Writing proposals is a pain. Save yourself some time with this pre-built project proposal template and workspace.
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Client Project Kickoff Documents: Project Agreement, NDA & Invoicing Template
Save time on project kickoff and setup. In this block you'll find a Project Agreement, Bilateral NDA and Invoicing Template to get you started.
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