The nitty gritty of business building shouldn't stop us from creating and sharing our best work.

As technology advances, we don't see fewer indie entrepreneurs, creators and freelancers—we see more. People gravitate toward environments where they can feel responsible for their outputs—and when they do, the drive which propels their work tends to be far stronger than the traditional carrots and sticks of employer-employee relations.

But creating your own path as you walk it can be tough. Where should you be spending your time? How can you be sure it will be profitable? Where can you look for examples of businesses like yours that have already succeeded?

Increasing shared knowledge on these topics is what Landmark Labs is all about. If you are a business systems thinker, please: create a Flow and share it with other indie business owners. And if you're just getting started on your own thing, browse our templates, resources and Flows showcase to save yourself some time; and see how others have solved similar problems before.

Together, let's help make the indie business space more robust, easier to enter, and more enjoyable to sustain.

Currently, Landmark Labs and all products are built, maintained and distributed by myself (Gerrard). Along the way, however, I've received invaluable help from many sources.

Gerrard Lipscombe
Founder & Operator

A special mention to Maximilian Harley for the design and identity you see recreated across all Landmark branding.

To Ayoub Maatalaoui--who was the lead developer on a mobile app project (Landmark: Stay oriented) at the beginning of our journey. Much of the thinking for Landmark's mission was fleshed out in those stages, so thank you again, Ayoub.

And to Klara Böhm, who is an ongoing friend of Landmark Labs, giving input on the psychology and experience of creators and makers.

Ayoub Maatallaoui
Developer, maker, thinker
Maximilian Harley
Artist, designer, musician
Klara Böhm
Researcher, drummer, creator



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