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How do I duplicate a block or stack in Notion?

First thing's first: if you don't already have a Notion account, you will need to create one, free. When you follow the link to any cloneable link, you'll be prompted to create an account before duplicating.

If you have an account, you'll need to hit the 'Duplicate' button in the very top right menu of the Notion workspace. After you do so, it will prompt you to select which Notion workspace you want to duplicate this template into.

Select your own personal Notion workspace (or wherever you'd like the template to appear) and voila! It will be copied to your own personal account. From there, you will have full edit access--so you can tailor and link it to other parts of your account as you please.

How do I access my member dashboard?

Once you create a free Landmark account, it may take a minute before your Dashboard is ready.

When your dashboard is ready, you will be able to access it from the top navigation menu on any page of the Landmark website. Just hit the 'Dashboard' or 'Go to dashboard' button, and it will take you to your member area.

Every member has a unique page ID, which can only be accessed when logged in. So be sure to log in before visiting your member page, and if you have any issues, get in touch at

How do I 'submit my setup for review' in the Full Access membership?

For Full Access members, you have the option to submit any of your Notion workspaces for a custom review. That review involves myself (Gerrard, Founder & Director here at Landmark Labs) taking a quick lookover any Notion workspace you've setup, providing recommendations for how it might be improved, and generally helping you to tailor it and get setup for your business needs.

Please note, you can only submit workspaces that are either built from a Landmark Stack, or are directly linked to a Landmark stack. This is also a temporary service I'm offering to early members--if you'd like to have access to this custom support, you can join as a Full Access member today.

Submissions can be made directly from your Full Access Member Dashboard, under the menu item 'My Submissions'.

Where are my cloneable stacks as a Full Access member?

After you sign up for Full Access, all paid and premium stacks will be added to your Member Dashboard. Please give this up to 12 hours for all cloneable stacks to appear (though typically it is within 15 minutes).

You will then have access to all cloneable links from the 'My Stacks' section of your member dashboard. If you have any issues finding these links, or accessing your member dashboard, please send a message to
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