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Between driving new customers and clients, building products, writing content, tracking your financials and learning new skills; you don't have time to build a complete OS for your business from scratch. But you need one. So we've built it for you. Clarity OS is the system for solo businesses to run on.

Starting from $47

(No, it isn't a subscription... just pay once, get Clarity OS for life)


Project management, roadmaps & calendars that span your whole business.

Flipping between apps, tabs and contexts is bad for the brain; it leads to 'I feel busy but nothing's getting done'. Use Clarity's linked databases, master timelines and filtered views to pinpoint what needs to get done, and in what order.


Track competitors, create user personas and strategize away

From competitor databases to pre-built models and matrices--who says that running your own business doesn't involve all the strategy of a McKinsey analyst?


Freelancing, consulting or contracting? Clarity OS has it covered.

Customizable CRM, Client Portal, proposal templates, project agreements, an NDA and even a bidding and pricing calculator--take control of the multi-headed beast that is freelancing with Clarity's services tab.


For planning, building and launching your first digital products.

Whether it's a course, an online community or an NFT; we know you have plenty of ideas for productizing your skills and knowledge. Clarity OS has a dedicated, integrated workspace to help keep track of planning, testing, key metrics and your product wishlist.


SEO, email, partnerships & community, all a click away

You don't need to spend $800/month on enterprise marketing to grow your audience; but it helps to have a plan. Use Clarity's marketing dashboards to strategize, schedule and streamline how you spread the word.


Repurpose, multi-channel, and multi-media like a pro

Make use of our popular Content OS, fully integrated with master database, ideation, content calendar, linked keyword research, media tags and much more.


Consolidate your key performance data

With embedded Google Data Studio dashboards, pre-built YouTube analytics and unique Time-tracking integrations--Clarity OS gives you a clear picture of all the progress markers you need as the key decision maker.


Always a clear view of your financials, at a glance.

Revenue, expenses, invoicing templates and the regular accounting playbook; plus some extra goodies like Runway calculator and 30-day cashflow for solo operators charging forward month by month.


Because your learning, self-development and reflections are part of your business.

From tracking online courses and top resources to logging personal reflections and accomplishments; when you are your business, everything is at least a little bit personal...


Let Clarity help you run anything from client projects to launching digital products

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why us?

Over 1,000 Landmark template users are out there, somewhere, in the productive wild...


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why clarity

Wouldn't it be nice if more people felt confident building and sustaining their own business?

This isn't enterprise software designed for planning more meetings and busywork. This is built specifically for businesses of one. Whether it's your side project, full-time passion or that key moment where you pivot from 'freelance' to 'business'--Clarity is built specifically for you.

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Clarity OS

Every business is unique. Maybe one day we'll build 158,000 different colors of Clarity, but until then we have just 3. Start from one of our core Clarity models, then add new modules from our library as you build & grow.

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All + Models
All + Models

User Personas

Competitors Tracker

Positioning Workspace

Ideation & Brainstorming

Miro Whiteboard Embed

Goal Setting & Tracking

Research Workspace

Project Management

Task Management

Analytics Dashboard

+ Services
+ Marketing

Accomplishments Wall

Portfolio Template

Reflections Journal

Learning Workspace

Reading List

100+ Linked Tools Database

Assets Library

Structured Archives

Contacts Management (CRM)

Proposal Template

Bidding & Pricing Calculator

Client Portal

Project Agreement Contract & NDA Templates

Basic Financials Workspace


All Models

Time-Tracking Dashboard 

Content OS (normally $37)

Products Dashboard

Marketing Dashboard

Email Marketing Management

SEO Planning Template

Community & Partnerships Dashboards

Advanced Financials Integration

Product & Business Roadmaps

"This system of using Notion with a sidebar with easy navigation has completely changed the way I view Notion. It's not just an aesthetic difference, it's a different way to visualize and change the hierarchy of information in your Notion workspace to better accommodate work and knowledge lookup.

I was easily able to replicate the same system of information/page hierarchy and layout into several dashboards that I use for different projects.

What's also great about the layout is it's so easy for other Notion collaborators to understand how to work inside of a new Notion page, where all the data is, and how to use it intuitively. My Notion pages used to look like junk and feel like a secret to navigate. Now, they feel like a custom coded webpage that impresses everyone I show it to."

Kyle S.
- Clarity OS, Verified Purchase

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Change how you run your business, today.

Here's to a New Year, a fresh start and a brand new structure for operating your digital business.

Take yourself to new heights with Clarity OS.

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Clarity OS works with any free Notion account.

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