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As a business of 1, you don't have time to be the best at everything. Let Landmark's library of business templates, models and frameworks save you hours on process, so that you can get back to the real work; you know—delivering products and services that matter.
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We help you leverage some of the most powerful no-code tools out there.

Stop building everything from scratch.

Save yourself some time, stress and multi-headed subscription fees with Landmark's customizable business templates and systems. Designed to be 80% ready out-of-the-box—for solo businesses that need flexibility, not blank canvases.
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How it works

1. Browse, learn, get inspired

Looking for a better way to manage your contacts? Need some help organising your competitor analysis; a way to manage your content; a dashboard for financials? With new building blocks added weekly, chances are: there's a template for that.

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2. Save precious hours with our library of 30+ business templates

Every Notion template in our library can be duplicated with a free account. Hit 'get started' to create yours, then watch as all preview links magically turn into free cloneable blocks 😮

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3. Experiment & test business ideas quicker with our range of Premium models

From our Content OS to our entire Digital Business model (Clarity OS), save yourself 50+ hours on business 'setup', and dive right into the creative and the challenging; you know, the actual business-building that matters.
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"I didn't even know Notion could do all of this. Being able to fully personalize and consolidate my business into one workspace has helped progress Domno in a big way."

Dominic White (Founder & Director)
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