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From project proposals to dynamic dashboards—Landmark Labs is the online shop for solo business parts and processes.
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Save yourself some time, stress and multi-headed subscription fees with Landmark's customizable business templates and systems. Designed to be 80% ready out-of-the-box—for solo businesses that need flexibility, not blank canvases.
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1. Browse, learn, get inspired

Looking for a better way to manage your contacts? Need some help organising your competitor analysis? A way to manage your content? A dashboard for financials? With new building blocks added weekly, chances are: there's a template for that.

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2. Turn preview links into cloneable ones

Every block can be duplicated with a free account. Hit 'get started' to create yours, then watch as all preview links magically turn into free cloneable blocks 😮

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Save blocks to your member dashboard, duplicate those you want to add to your own Notion workspace, and stay tuned for regular updates.
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"The CRM is great! Just tweaked it to how I like it, but it's amazing. Notion proving just how good it really is."

Dominic White
Founder & Director of Domno Vintage

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