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we're driven by a simple question:

How can we use our smarter devices to learn more about ourselves?

Clear signs that you are making progress.

Most of us already use and trust software to keep track of our health & fitness; our screen-time; our social media activity; & maybe even our financial and spending patterns.

But what about our passion projects? Where do we go to keep track of the things no one else will?

A journal is fine. So are elaborate spreadsheets. But we want to make it as simple as possible for you to plan and keep track of your most interesting projects, passions & ideas.

Unique insights on when you do your best (and least) work.

Knowing yourself isn't easy... even on the simple stuff.

Like: 'What time do I do my best work?'

'How much progress have I made in the past month?'

Or, even, 'What should I work on next...?'

With simpler ways to keep track of qualitative factors (like Engagement, Quality, Interest & Effort) we want to help you put that supercomputer in your pocket to work: to help you gain clearer insights on your time spent creating.

Reinforce the time spent on the things you care about.

Our Token Reward System is simple: For every Step you track toward your Landmark; for every achievement, milestone and Challenge completed, you'll earn Tokens toward your monthly goal.

Meet your goal, and you either pay £0 (All-In Level), £1 (Maker Level) or £2 (Practice Level).

If you don't meet your goal for that month, you just pay the full subscription (£5) and give it another go next month. Simple.
where to start

We're not even close to having all the answers... but here's our starting point with Landmark.

Start using your devices to help clarify where you're headed and why it matters.
Learn about your own process through repeat behaviours and patterns.
Connect with other makers and peers to stay motivated and feel accountable.
Have a ready-made reason to spend some time each day on something worth building or pursuing.
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