digital product lab: Course + Builder

Everything you need to build a digital product.

It's time to pull together all that high-value content you've been creating and build an asset that can drive revenue for your business. We know it sounds complicated, but with this builder, your product will basically assemble itself.

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the course that's also a workspace

30+ micro-lessons to guide you while you're building.


Every product starts with a plan

Strategize about your target users, competitors and positioning. Ideate & capture your best ideas. Then get ready to bring it all together.


Start from content you've already made

Work through 4 focused workspaces to take you from 'published content' to 'digital product outline'.

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Build your product, right in the Lab

The benefit of planning, researching, prototyping and building in one place? Everything you need for your build is just one click away.


Keep yourself on-track &  accountable

This is a self-paced course... but that doesn't mean it should take forever. The roadmap & releases workspaces let you set a clear action plan for your build & launch schedule.


Landing pages, listings & hitting 'publish'

'Launching' your digital product shouldn't be some massive, tiresome, expensive process. We give you templates, processes and a schedule for releasing your product to the world.


Analytics for tracking product performance

Embedded dashboards help you understand how your product has performed at a glance (and what might be worth repeating next time around!)


Iterate processes, get better with every build

The Digital Product Lab isn't a one-hit wonder. Instead, when you're ready to build your next marvel, you can always revisit the Lab, duplicate the workspaces you need, and build better the next time.

Designed for learning through building.

With in-context lessons spread across a dynamic set of workspaces, you don't so much 'stick to the schedule' as 'discover your own'.

The Digital Product Lab's hybrid mode of 'half course', 'half template' lets you learn, plan and build, all in one context; for clearer thinking, less switching and ultimately, a smoother route to launch.

Self-paced accountability.

Keep track of your progress throughout the builder, set a clear roadmap and target for every release, and share what you're working on with the world to help you stay accountable.


should you build a digital product?

Try the calculator to see if a digital product makes sense for your business.


Templates used by 6,000+ businesses & makers

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Dare N.

Clarity OS is definitely a game-changer for me and has significantly helped me to get organized and eliminate the use of multiple platforms."

Tarah J.

"My comment above does not do Clarity OS and Digital Product Lab any justice... what stellar products you have released, Gerrard!"

Nancy C.

"This workspace is amazing! It has everything I could possibly need for my business, all laid out beautifully. Everything is linked so I have all the information I need, when I need it."

Stacey A.


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How do I download/get access to the Digital Product Lab?

After purchase, you’ll be given access to a live Duplicate link for the full workspace. Head over to that URL, hit ‘Duplicate’ in the top right corner, then select the Notion workspace you want to add the builder into. Then voila, the full workspace, lessons and exercises are in your Notion account and ready for building.

*You’ll need a Notion account. If you don’t have one, you’ll be prompted to sign up for one. It’s free for personal use, forever, and it might just become your new favorite productivity tool 🙂

Who is it for?

The Digital Product Builder is specifically for creators and solo businesses that are interested in building and releasing a digital product for sale. If you have an audience of 1,000+ (through regular traffic, social media following or other channels), you can likely benefit from this builder.

What’s Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool. Kind of like docs meets spreadsheets meets Asana. If you’re not familiar with Notion, I’d recommend creating a free account and playing around a bit with it before purchasing the builder or downloading any free Landmark products.

Do I need to pay for a Notion account?

No. You can use a free personal account, forever, if you don’t want to pay for a team account.

Does the Digital Product Lab let me publish & host my digital product directly?


This builder is for 1) planning 2) building and assembling certain products; and 3) preparing launch materials. If you release your product via Notion, you will be able to host and publish the digital product you’ve built through Notion’s ‘share link’ (details inside). Accepting payments, however, will need to be setup separately (we cover options for this within the course).

What is your refund policy?

If you sincerely try to use the Builder and it doesn’t help you build a digital product, then send an email to and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Will I receive product updates with my purchase? If so, how do I receive updates?

It’s likely that lessons will be added, templates will be updated and new materials will be introduced to this builder over time. Whenever you purchase yours, you’ll also be added to a mailing list that receives product updates. These are rare and happen in batches with instructions on how to migrate new templates and materials into the builder.

Can I re-use the Digital Product Lab for multiple product builds?

Yes! That’s one of the beauties of this setup—hopefully, with each build your workspace will be enriched.

What license am I buying, exactly?

By purchasing the builder, you’re agreeing that one person will use it (though the same user may duplicate and use the same template as many times as they like).

Digital Product Lab.

Works with any free Notion account.