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Tailored to your specific business.
Landmark OSĀ takes care of the underlying Notion systems and structures--all you need to do is customize the channels, pages and details you want.
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90+Ā Components
Choose from 90+ unique components.
Landmark OSĀ comes with 25+ focused business workspaces, then customize each with our 90+ pre-made Notion business components, found in the Components library.
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pre-synced database templates
Powerful templates with one click.
Generate fully-functional marketing campaigns, project timelines, revenue dashboards, contact pipelines and more with intuitive, one-click shortcuts in every workspace section.
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Gain Notion superpowers.
Rapidly create synced pages, new page sections, embedded dashboards, strategy frameworks and more with our 'Power-up' shortcut template buttons.
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click-through guides

Learn how to use each feature, in-context, in Notion.

Landmark OSĀ includes click-through Scribes to help you leverage each Notion-powered featureā€”because what good is a tool you don't know how to wield?

Some reasons people love our Notion business products...

"First of all, I want to thank you for this amazing creation for marketing agencies--you literally thought of everything!"

Fabien B.

"I just purchased an operating system from @landmark.labs and it has changed my life!"

Christina E.
Business Owner

"This system of using Notion with a sidebar with easy navigation has completely changed the way I view Notion."

Kyle S.
Agency Owner

"Yours are by far the most comprehensive Notion for business templates I've come across--and I'm not just saying that."

Bram F.
Startup Advisor

"This workspace is amazing! It has everything I could possibly need for my business, all laid out beautifully. Everything is linked so I have all the information I need, when I need it."

Stacey A.
Business Owner

"I am so FREAKINā€™ excited about @GerrardL_ ā€˜s @Landmark_Labsā€™ #Flotion product! I am blown away by how comprehensive and valuable for the @NotionHQ community this product is. Gerrard includes templates that go far beyond anything Iā€™ve ever seen!"

Sandi E.
Marketing &Ā Notion Strategist

The fastest way to setup your business in Notion.

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50+Ā free Notion templates
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100+Ā Notion Component Templates
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Access our entire library of templates, Notion OS systems, courses and Notion tools.
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$149/year $249ā€
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All 100+Ā Notion Component Templates
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30-Day 100% moneyback guarantee.
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$299/onceĀ Ā  $800ā€
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Pay once. Lifetime access.
All 100+Ā Notion Component Templates
Includes Flotion āœØ
Notion For Business Systems Courses šŸŽ“
Keep whatever you copy.
Plus everything we release in future.
1 Free Year Starter Plan to our AIĀ planning app Bizway ($588)
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Asked Questions
Can I still use Landmark OS if I don't have a Pro membership?
Can I migrate from another Landmark model (E.g. Clarity OS, Agency OS) to Landmark OS?
Can I keep using templates if I cancel my Pro Access membership?
How do I duplicate a component or model in Notion?
How often are new components added?
Have a specific question not on the list?

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