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Everything your Notion-run business will ever need; and more.

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landmark os ($99)
Every area of business: sorted.
If you run your own business, 'feeling on top of everything' is a rare experience... with Landmark OS, it becomes the norm.
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flotion ($499)
Build custom business tools in Notion, at 10X speed.
Flotion is a unique toolkit for creating Notion-based products, tools and systems in a fraction of the time.
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7Ā x notion OS products ($553)
Common business models, run in Notion.
Agency OS, Freelancer OS, Niche Site OS, Clarity OS 2.0, Content OS, Podcaster OS, Digital Product Lab and all future OSĀ releases...
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pro access:Ā for life ($912)
The largest Notion for business template library
90+Ā Notion for business templates and components--all added in the last year... there's a lot more to come.
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notion for business course ($299)
Learn to run your buisness in Notion, in 21 days
A comprehensive course for building and operating business systems in Notion.
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all future releases... ($???)
We're just getting started...
All the products listed above were made and released in the past 12 months. By getting Landmark's Lifetime deal now, you secure access to all future releases at this one-time price point.

Some reasons people enjoy our Notion business products...

"I am so FREAKINā€™ excited about @GerrardL_ ā€˜s @Landmark_Labsā€™ #Flotion product! I am blown away by how comprehensive and valuable for the @NotionHQ community this product is. Gerrard includes templates that go far beyond anything Iā€™ve ever seen!"

Sandi E.
Marketing &Ā Notion Strategist

"First of all, I want to thank you for this amazing creation for marketing agencies--you literally thought of everything!"

Fabien B.

"I just purchased an operating system from @landmark.labs and it has changed my life!"

Christina E.
Business Owner

"This system of using Notion with a sidebar with easy navigation has completely changed the way I view Notion."

Kyle S.
Agency Owner

"Yours are by far the most comprehensive Notion for business templates I've come across--and I'm not just saying that."

Bram F.
Startup Advisor

"This workspace is amazing! It has everything I could possibly need for my business, all laid out beautifully. Everything is linked so I have all the information I need, when I need it."

Stacey A.
Business Owner

Landmark Lifetime

Landmark OS
Notion OS x 7
Notion for Business
Pro Access:Ā Lifetime
Future Releases
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lifetime offer

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