idea to business plan

Start with a single sentence.

Just describe the idea you have on your mind--let Notion AI and BizPrompter take care of the rest.

context blocks

Store key points as 'Context' for the AI.

As you generate more details for your business plan, BizPrompter stores this information in 'Context blocks'--so that every Notion AIĀ prompt has the relevant information to makes plans for your business.

custom notion ai blocks

One-click Custom AIĀ generation.

Thoughtfully crafted prompts take what you've worked on in previous workspaces (remember those Context blocks šŸ‘†) and generate fully-fledged business plans, summaries and table in one click.

quick navigation

Your entire business plan, in one menu.

Move between sections of your business plan in a simple, easy-to-navigate menu that's specific to your BizPrompter plan.

get started

Validate your business ideas in minutes.

It can be hard to knowing where to start with Notion AI; BizPrompter strings together the prompts you need, in an environment that makes it dead simple to take your best ideas and extend them into viable business plans.


The fastest way to validate your business ideas in Notion.

Test out your next idea in BizPrompter, today.


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*Please note that you must have an active Notion AIĀ add-on subscription in order to be able to use BizPrompter!