A little secret? There's never a convenient time to build your perfect Notion workspace. 😅

*although, Flotion is packed with templates, too.

Chances are, you'll still be busy tomorrow...
So why bother, at all?
If you're going to do it...
Then you might as well do it at 10X speed

But what if you're not really all that Notion-savvy? This all sounds a bit complicated...

A question for you: Do you plan to run your business in Notion?
Yes? Then why wouldn't you learn it? Honest question.
And if you're going to learn it, it's best to learn through building.
And when you see what you can build...
Watch a Flotion Speed build →

*'the rest', like adding new properties, creating specific views, filters and relations.


Made in Flotion: Flexible Notion OS Builder


Flotion is made specifically for independent businesses running in Notion.

"I just purchased an operating system from @landmark.labs and it has changed my life!"

Christina E.

"Working on my Notion dashboards today and tomorrow - and Flotion by @Landmark_Labs is the knock it outta the park piece."

Lee Drozak

"This is me saying thank you for rescuing me when I needed an onboarding template to kickoff with my clients.

Dare N.

"I am so FREAKIN’ excited about @GerrardL_ ‘s @Landmark_Labs#Flotion product!I am blown away by how comprehensive and valuable for the @NotionHQ community this product is. Gerrard includes templates that go far beyond anything I’ve ever seen!"

Dr. Sandy Evelyth

Flotion is a great tool. It has helped me in building faster, better and smarter models & systems in Notion. Its flexibility has no limits, basically I can make almost any kind of digital creation that I need for delivering content assets in a Notion format.

Pablo Soto Bevilacqua

Flotion has been a great tool to improve my Notion usage. The developer is also very responsive to ideas!

Brad Dennis, Ph.D.

Get the Business OS you want out of Notion, 10X faster.

Pay once, keep Flotion: Flexible Notion OS Builder for life.


Flotion Custom Order

(Order a custom Notion OS from me)
What's included + Flotion
Built & delivered within 30 days.
1 x Custom Flotion Build (unlimited pages).
🎁 Bonus: 1-1 Consultation and Flotion On-boarding + Support. ($1,499)
Publish, share, sell or use your setup however you please.
Limited spots per month.
Best for ordering the Notion workspace you want, rapidly.
Order a custom OS

Flotion License

(Build your perfect Notion OS)
What's included
12+ Detailed Flotion Video Tutorials to guide your builds.
🎁 Bonus: 6 x Notion OS Templates ($275)
🎁 Bonus: 3 Advanced Flow Templates ($139)
Priority Support
30-Day Notion OS Challenge: 100% Refund Policy
Best for creating your own custom business workspaces in Notion.
Buy now for $299

Flotion Lite

(Get a limited taste test of Flotion)
What's included
Unlimited Flows
Limited Components library
Rapidly create New Pages inside your Flows
🎁 Bonus: Sample Project Management System included.
Best for seeing if Flotion is right for you (upgrade later and have your $59 discounted)
Buy Lite for $189
Asked Questions
How do custom orders work?
Can I duplicate & share the Flows I build in Flotion: Flexible Notion OS Builder?
How can I tell if Flotion: Flexible Notion OS Builder is not for me?
How do I add Flotion to my Notion account?
Does Flotion: Flexible Notion OS Builder update? And am I entitled to those updates?
How are Flotion updates shipped?
What is your refund policy?
Have a specific question not on the list?

Get in touch at hello@landmarklabs.co, and I'll be happy to help.

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Build your perfect Notion business system, today.

So that you can go full-time on the business you want, not the one that simply pays the bills.