Email Marketing Strategy Template For 2023 [Plan Drips Sequences, Campaigns & Subject Lines In Notion]

Email Marketing Hub
Email Marketing

If you’re looking for a marketing channel that gives you direct access to your audience, relies on trust and relationship-building to see results and isn’t about noise or bells & whistles; then email marketing might just be your best bet.

And when it comes to forming a strategy for this highly cost-effective strategy, it helps to consider a few key elements in your plan of attack.

In this template (the Email Hub), the areas included cover:

  • A research library and workspace;
  • Brainstorming tabs and kanban boards for ideation;
  • Campaigns planning (in timeline and table views);
  • Objectives setting;
  • Competitors tracking;
  • Strategy section;
  • To-Dos list and tasks board;
  • Emails list (with status-tracking and key metrics);
  • Contacts database, with a pipeline built-in; and
  • A performance tab to help track your email efforts.

A little more on each below.

Research library and workspace

Your email marketing strategy should be based on research and insights, so we’ve created a library for all the resources you need in one place. This includes a media gallery for images, documents, etc., a brand book area, and more.

Brainstorming tabs and kanban boards for ideation

The brainstorming tabs are a great way to capture all your ideas in one place, while the kanban boards can be used for developing and managing specific campaign ideas.

Campaigns planning (in timeline and table views)

Once you’ve decided on your campaigns, you can use the timeline view to plan them out in detail or the table view to get a more high-level overview.

Objectives setting

In order to measure success, you need to set objectives for your email marketing strategy. This could be anything from increasing brand awareness to driving sales or engagement.

Competitors tracking

Keep an eye on your competition by tracking their email campaigns. This will give you insights into what’s working well for them and help you to improve your own strategy.

Strategy section

The strategy section is where you can document all the details of your email marketing plan, including your target audience, tone of voice, key messages, and call to action.

To-Dos list and tasks board

The to-dos list is a great way to keep track of all the tasks associated with your email marketing strategy.

Emails list (with status-tracking and key metrics)

In this tab, you can create a list of all the emails you’ve sent, with status-tracking and key metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rate.

Contacts database, with a pipeline built-in

The contacts database is where you can store all your email contacts, with a pipeline built-in so you can see where they are in the sales process.

A performance tab to help track your email efforts

Finally, the performance tab is where you can track all your email marketing efforts and see how well you’re doing against your objectives.


The good thing about this template? You can adjust it as you like to meet your own needs—while saving a bunch of time on setting up the foundations.

Start planning your email marketing strategy with our pre-built template, today.

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