Email Marketing Strategy Hub (Notion Template)
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy Hub (Notion Template)

If you’re looking for a marketing channel that gives you direct access to your audience, relies on trust and relationship-building to see results and isn’t about noise or bells & whistles; then email marketing might just be your best bet.

And when it comes to forming a strategy for this highly cost-effective strategy, it helps to consider a few key elements in your plan of attack.

In this template (the Email Hub), the areas included cover:

  • A research library and workspace;
  • Brainstorming tabs and kanban boards for ideation;
  • Campaigns planning (in timeline and table views);
  • Objectives setting;
  • Competitors tracking;
  • Strategy section;
  • To-Dos list and tasks board;
  • Emails list (with status-tracking and key metrics);
  • Contacts database, with a pipeline built-in; and
  • A performance tab to help track your email efforts.

The good thing about this template? You can adjust it as you like to meet your own needsβ€”while saving a bunch of time on setting up the foundations.

Start planning your email marketing strategy with our pre-built template, today.

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