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This is the Upwork freelancer, cover letter and profile strategies channel! I answer your questions about how to find Upwork clients and make your Upwork profile stand out? What new Upwork feature helps you make money online and do proposal templates work? This is FreelanceMVP, the #1 place for Upwork freelancers! No matter if you're looking to make your first $1K or your next 100K --  I got you. I’m Evan Fisher, and I made $1.6 million on Upwork, Fiverr & Toptal in my first 4 years freelancing. At one point, I was the highest-earning individual freelancer worldwide on Upwork! On this channel, I show you how I did it so you can use my story to create your success. We cover the best freelance how to and tutorials - in simple language we all understand! Plus special tips you won’t hear anywhere else. Before you send your next Upwork client proposal, check out my episodes, and if you enjoy them -- remember to subscribe!  Evan Fisher aka Freelance MVP -