Notion Team Tasks Template (2023 New Features)

Team Tasks Hub

Notion's constant evolution has inspired us to update our tasks database template. This tutorial will guide you through our enhanced Team Tasks Notion Template, suitable for agencies, small teams, and collaborations with contractors or freelancers. This comprehensive template consolidates the handy Notion features into a singular, user-friendly database, tailored for a team environment.

Overview of the Template

Our new team tasks template contains one primary database that presents your tasks in a variety of views. The task database remains the same, but you can view and manage tasks in different ways according to your needs.

Incomplete Tasks View

On opening the template, you're greeted with a list of all the incomplete tasks spanning all your projects and team members. This bird's-eye view enables quick and effective task management.

Timeline View

Next, you can switch to the Timeline View, which is sorted by the due date of the tasks and sub-grouped into projects. This view helps you visualize the timeline of your projects and their associated tasks.

The template uses a single-database approach, where the 'Project' field isn't relational by default. However, you can easily convert it to a relational field to link with your existing project database.

Member-Specific Views

The template provides three pre-set views tailored for individual team members. If you want to customize this feature according to your actual team's names, you can easily edit the team member name and update it in the views. As you assign a new task to a team member, it will automatically appear in their respective view, providing a streamlined list of tasks for each team member.

Project Board View

Another feature is the Project Board View, which allows you to track the status of tasks in relation to their respective projects. It's a Kanban-style board that lets you move tasks across different stages of completion.

To maintain focus on what's still pending, completed tasks disappear from this view. However, if you'd prefer to keep all tasks visible, you can adjust the filter settings.

Calendar View

For a broader perspective of your monthly tasks, the template offers a simple Calendar View, giving you an overview of your scheduled tasks.

Completed Tasks View

A specific view for all completed tasks helps you monitor and assess your team's accomplishments.

AI Summary

If you have the Notion AI, there's an AI summary section that can provide summarized notes for your tasks.

Automation Button

Lastly, the template includes an automation button that generates four preset tasks for a project. You can modify the properties of these tasks to suit your specific project needs. By default, these tasks are set to 'not started' status with the due date being the current day.

The preset due date ensures your tasks appear on the timeline view, even if the dates aren't correct initially. As Notion's timeline view requires a set date, this approach allows for quick adjustments directly from the timeline view.

The automation button serves as a handy tool for swiftly adding common recurring tasks. You're encouraged to experiment with it and customize it according to your team's needs.

Key Use Cases

This versatile template can be used for various use cases, including:

  1. Project management for small teams or agencies.
  2. Task tracking for collaborations with contractors or freelancers.
  3. Individual project management across multiple projects.
  4. Use as a central hub for all team tasks.

The different views offer flexibility and can be customized to suit various work styles and requirements.

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