Attaching A Note


How can you attach a note to your Waypoint using Landmark? Why would you ever need to do it? And what is the deeper, subtle role of note-taking throughout the creative process?

We'll answer just two of those questions in this post.

How To Attach & View Your Notes

  • From your Home Feed, select the 'Note' icon on the Waypoint or Practice block you want to jot something down on;
  • In the dropdown space, write whatever your heart desires, then Press Save;
  • When you want to read what you wrote, or see if you have any Notes for that Waypoint, just press the same Note icon from that Block;
  • *You can also check if you have a Note on any Waypoint from your profile.

That's how you attach and view your notes.

What Are Notes Good For?

  • Brainstorming;
  • Getting down an idea related to that Waypoint or Landmark, from the comfort of the couch;
  • Offloading a nagging thought so you can be reminded to get it done later ('Remember to follow-up on...');
  • Organising your thoughts based on easily accessible Waypoints (not just in folders upon subfolders upon subfolders).

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