Intro to Landmarks


Landmarks are kind of the centrepiece. They're what your Steps are moving toward. They should be big things which, if you really did reach them, you'd be glad about.

In this lesson, we'll walk through how to:

  1. Setup Your First Landmark;
  2. Add A New Landmark; &
  3. Track your Landmark Progress.

1. Setting A Landmark

A Landmark should be:

  • Something you can envision, tangibly;
  • Achievable;
  • Motivating/inspiring;
  • Preferably A 'State', not a destination.

Destination: 'Lose 20 lbs'

State: 'Weigh Xlbs, feeling healthy and fit'

Destinations tend to lose their motivation once you arrive. If you've 'lost 20lbs' already, you either need to set a new Destination, or stay stuck in place.

Landmarks are more about 'States' you'd like to live in: 'Writing to your blog readers, daily', 'Performing occasional concerts to some loyal fans', 'Running a passionate side business'. We know the metaphor isn't perfect, but just try to go with it.

Know what you're going to write in? Good. Be sure to:

  1. Give your Landmark a Title (one word reminders are best); and
  2. Keep it to one sentence.

2. Adding A New Landmark

From the Plus button floating in your Feed, you have the option to create a new Landmark whenever you wish.

  • Press the floating plus button;
  • Tap 'Landmark';
  • Complete your Landmark name and description;
  • Set your Pace for that Landmark;
  • Add a couple of Waypoints;
  • And you're done.

Adding a new Landmark means you have a new Project or unique thread you'd like to keep track of. Ask yourself before adding a new Landmark if it doesn't actually belong to something you're already working on—in that case, it's best to add it as a new Waypoint, instead.

3. Track Your Landmark Progress From Profile

After you've tracked a few Sessions on your Landmark, your Profile will begin to get more interesting. You'll be able to see, right away:

  • The average Quality Rating for each Landmark;
  • Your average Engagement Rating;
  • The Steps Per Session taken; and
  • The Total Number Of Steps per Landmark;
  • On which days you met (or didn't meet) your Pace goal.

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