Introduction to the Feed


Welcome to your feed. This is where everything you're working on will appear. All your Waypoints, Practices, Subpaths, Note Chains & Challenges—if it's active, you'll find it on your feed.

We've also filled your feed with ads. Lots of ads. To keep you distracted from your Landmark while we high-five our advertiser friends and roll around in all that sweet distraction money.

Just kidding. As you can see, there are no ads—which means there's no escaping all the stuff you've said you want to be working on: mwahaha 😂🖤

The Feed 'Block'

You can think of each item in your feed as its own little Block.

Above each block, you'll be able to quickly see whether it's a Waypoint, Practice or Note Chain.

In the left column, you'll see the name of the Waypoint, with the name of Parent Landmark below it.  Then you'll see the number of steps remaining for that Landmark today. This is your Pace for the Landmark, not the Waypoint—any Steps you take on any Waypoints within that Landmark will count.

In the bottom strip, you have two options: 1) Add a subpath; &  2) Attach a note.

For more about adding a subpath, you'll want to go to the lesson called 'Adding a Subpath'... and here's the lesson for 'Attaching a note'.

That's the 'Feed Block'.

The Play Button & Timer

You'll notice a large Play button in the middle of each Block on your Feed. Whatever you do: don't press it.

But if you do press it, you're on the clock. Landmark will automatically begin tracking Steps—which means, that's when you should start working, thinking, doodling or whatever it is that's going to take you closer to your Landmark.

When you press Play, a full-screen window should appear. On full-screen, there's a timer to track your total Session time, plus 6 Step Icons which will fill with each 15 minutes tracked--Hooray!

That's the Play button.

Session Summary

Whenever you complete a session, you'll be shown a Session Summary. Why? Because Landmark thinks all of its users have short-term memory issues and can't remember what they did 30 minutes ago.

But it's also because the Session Summary helps you know that Landmark has accurately captured your diligent efforts, and will reward you accordingly.

You'll see:

  • How many Tokens you earned;
  • The Waypoint or Block you were just working on; and
  • An option to give a quick 'Pulse Check'.

If any or all of those things are missing, please take no notice and do not send a negative review as that would be cruel.

How Did It Go?

The follow-up has two parts.

  1. Quality; &
  2. Engagement.

It lets you give a quick, intuitive slider response to reflect on the session. It should take you roughly 6 seconds. But after a few dozen inputs, Landmark is able to start giving some more useful feedback on your workflows, like:

  • What time of day you work best;
  • Which Waypoints have the highest true engagement; and
  • What you did last summer.

So if that kind of thing is interesting to you, then you'll want to slide those sliders.

That's the Feed.

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