Intro to Steps & Tokens


  • Every 15 minutes you track toward one of your Landmarks = 1 Step;
  • Daily Steps will keep track of all Steps taken for that day—no matter which Waypoint, Landmark or Practice you're working on—and tell you if you're meeting your Pace;
  • Tokens are earned with every step; but also for unlocking achievements, hosting Group Challenges and other in-app activities;
  • Your Token Plan is a goal you set for Landmark activity each month—if you meet your goal, you get a very handy discount on your subscription each and every time you meet it.

How To Take Steps On Your Landmark

Whenever you Press Play from a Waypoint or Practice block in your feed, you'll be taken to the Timer page. There, for every 15 minutes you track, you'll earn one Step toward the Waypoint or item you were working on.

It's that simple.

Steps Left For Today

  • At the top of your Feed, you'll see the number of Steps left total, for all your Waypoints & Practices across all Landmarks—this is set by your Pace inputs, and Landmark automatically calculates how many Steps are needed, and how many are left based on your time tracked for the day;
  • On each block, you'll also see how many Steps are left for that Landmark. If you only have one Landmark—this is easy, they'll be the same! For multiple Landmarks, this is a good way to check at glance if you're falling behind on one or another.

Do I Get A Step for 14 Minutes?

  • No.
  • That's kind of part of it though 🙂 If you can push for just a little longer, your Step will be counted, you'll earn some Tokens, and the Session will be stored in your stats.


Tokens are what make things interesting. As new features appear, you'll find there are many ways to earn (and eventually spend) Tokens.

You can find your Tokens & Token Goal in the top right corner of your Profile Page displayed as: [Tokens]/[Monthly Token Goal]

Earning Tokens From Steps

  • Very simply, you earn more Tokens on higher Impact Waypoints.
  • The most you can earn per Step = 5 Tokens.
  • The least = 1 Token... you can see that working on high-impact projects will quickly make a difference to your final Token Count versus the low-impact stuff.

Earning Tokens From Achievements

  • To be introduced.

Meeting Your Token Goal

  • Practice Level = 500 Tokens/Month. Roughly 5 Hours Per Week.
  • Maker Level = 1000 Tokens/Month. Roughly 10 Hours Per Week.
  • All-In Level = 2000 Tokens/Month. Roughly 25 Hours Per Week.

Subscriptions & Meeting Your Token Goals

  • When Landmark is released and Public, there will be a base subscription of £5/month for all users.
  • However, if you meet your Token Goal, that base fee will be discounted heavily.
  • Practice Level: £5/mo → £2/mo
  • Maker Level: £5/mo → £1/mo
  • All-In Level: £5/mo → Free

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