15 Notion Templates For Designers (2022)

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As a designer and/or creative professional, you have to manage a wide range of projects, tasks, and ideas, and staying organized and on top of your work can be a challenge... to say the least.

Fortunately, Notion offers a range of customizable templates and features that can help designers streamline their workflows and boost productivity.

In this article, we'll take a look at a few of the best Notion templates for designers, and explore how these templates can help designers manage their projects, collaborate with their teams, and keep track of their ideas and inspirations. Whether you're a graphic designer, web designer, or any other type of creative professional, these templates have something for you.

15 Notion Templates For Designers (2022)

Customer Journey Map

Customer journey maps are an essential piece of any marketing or product strategy; but trying to fit them all into one tool/file/place can be... challenging.
Customer Journey Map Template | Notion User Journey [2022]Try this template

User Personas

Create beautiful, relevant User Personas in no time with this Notion template system.
Notion User Persona Template: Psychographics, Pain Points & ExamplesTry this template

Web Portfolio

Use this Notion Portfolio Template to quickly summarize your experience, key skills and share contact details with prospects.
Notion Portfolio Template: Interactive, Publishable Web DocumentTry this template

Client Portal

Upgrade your Client Portals in Notion with this 2.0 template. Meetings, shared drive, mood board and more.
Client Portal 2.0: NotionTry this template

Brand Book

Store and plan your complete brand guidelines in Notion with this handy template 'Brand Book'.
Notion Brand Guidelines Template: Logo, Mission, Voice & Identity Book [2022]Try this template

Notion Design Tips

Use these 7 tips to help your Notion pages feel cleaner and more organized.
7 Notion Design Tips For Cleaner Pages & WorkspacesTry this template

Brand Positioning Matrix

Use this brand positioning template framework in Notion to help nail down where you stand in your market.
Brand Positioning Template [Notion Workspace + Figma File]Try this template

Freelance Rate Calculator

Use this freelance rate calculator to explore how much you should be charging per hour for your work, your freelance day rate (and plenty more).
Freelance Rate CalculatorTry this template

Project Proposals

Win more bids, save time writing proposals and get your projects setup and initiated in no time.
Proposals & Project Kickoff KitTry this template

Content Calendar 2.0

Plan and organize your content with this clear calendar, planner and to-dos Notion content workspace template.
Notion Content Calendar Template: Social Media, Blogs and MoreTry this template

CRM Template 2.0

Learn how to quickly fill, sort, update and prioritize our pre-built Notion CRM template.
Notion CRM Template 2.0: Contacts, Pipelines & Segmented ListsTry this template

Project Management System

Leverage some of the most basic superpowers of related Notion databases with this simple project management template.
Notion Project Management Template: A Simple System For Managing Projects In 2023Try this template

Landmark OS

Run your entire business from our most powerful Notion template system. Start with the core business foundations, then create your ideal setup with new components as you grow.
Try this template

Notion For Business Bundle

Landmark OS + 1 Year Of Pro Access + Notion For Business Systems Course
Try this template

Notion For Business: The Course

Learn what you need to run your entire business in Notion.
Try this template
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