Notion Portfolio Template: Interactive, Publishable Web Document (2023)

Web Portfolio

Your portfolio should stand out. Whether it's sharing your previous work with a potential big ticket client, applying for a promotion, or moving into a dream role at a new company--a professional portfolio can be one of the best ways to share a true sense of what it would be like to work with you.

Going out of your way to whip up your very own website, pay for hosting, design the pages, create a logo--it can be a bit much if you just want to summarize your existing body of work for a potential opportunity.

Further, if you ever want to change up your portfolio, or create a few different versions, hosting it all as a website on a single domain can be tiresome to work with.

Notion actually provides a really neat intermediate ground for professional portfolios. You can rapidly pull together a portfolio in minutes (say, by starting from this template :) ), and publish the document as a unique URL that can be shared with clients.

You can duplicate your portfolio, then create multiple spin-offs that are better suited to the services you offer (say, one for 'branding projects', another for 'website design', and so on).

In this post, I'll walk through what's included in our Notion Portfolio Template, and how you can go about editing and publishing it for your own use.

How do I make a portfolio in Notion?

Starting with a template is honestly one of the best ways to dive in. But if you did want to create a portfolio from scratch, you can:

  1. Create a new page;
  2. Provide an introductory section to give your bio and main value proposition;
  3. Add a media gallery to showcase examples of your work;
  4. Create a timeline or table to showcase your career experience;
  5. List any testimonials or positive words from past clients;
  6. Provide your contact details for prospects to get in touch!

But if you don't want to create yours from scratch, here's a quick look through our template.

Notion Portfolio Template

Included sections in the template:

  • Intro and value proposition;
  • Services & offerings gallery;
  • Past Projects and smart case studies database;
  • Career experience timeline;
  • Testimonials callouts; and
  • Contact section.

Let's take a closer look at each section.

Portfolio Bio and intro section

The first section in the template contains an image block where you can upload a headshot, if desired. Below this is a large text editor where you can provide your brief introduction, and core value proposition.

This is where you'll want to quickly summarize who you are as a freelancer or creative professional, and what kind of work you're looking for.

You can also link out to any external websites or social media profiles if you want prospects to learn more about you.

Portfolio Services & Offerings Gallery

The next section in the template is a gallery of images, where each image represents a service or offering that you provide.

For each image, you can:

  • Upload a relevant cover image;
  • Provide a title and brief description of the service; and
  • Include a link (internal or external) to learn more (if needed).

This is an excellent way to showcase the range of services that you offer, without having to create separate pages or sections for each.

Portfolio Past Projects & Smart Case Studies Database

The third section in the template houses a database of your past projects. This is where you can really showcase your skills and highlight examples of your best work.

For each project, you can:

  • Upload a project cover image;
  • Provide the project name, client name, and other relevant details;
  • Write a lengthy case study explaining the project process, goals, and results;
  • Include any relevant images, files, or links; and
  • Add labels to each project to categorize them (e.g. by industry, type of work, etc).

This section is extremely flexible--you can add as many projects as you want, and easily filter and search through them using the labels.

Portfolio Career Experience Timeline

The fourth section in the template is a timeline of your career experience. This is similar to a traditional 'Work History' section on a resume, but with a bit more flexibility.

For each role, you can:

  • Provide the job title, company name, and dates;
  • Write a brief description of your responsibilities or tag your 'Key activities'; and
  • Include any relevant images, files, or links inside the relevant database page.

Portfolio Testimonials Callouts

The fifth section in the template is a gallery of testimonials from past clients. This is an excellent way to build trust with prospects, and show that you're credible and reputable.

For each testimonial, you can:

  • Upload a headshot of the person giving the testimonial (if you like, inside the callout block);
  • Include their name, title, company, and location;
  • Write out the full testimonial; and
  • Include a link to the original source (if applicable).

Portfolio Contact Section

The final section in the template is your contact information. This is where you can provide your email address, phone number, and any other relevant details that prospects might need to get in touch.

You can also include a link to your calendar if you want prospects to book a call or meeting with you.

Sharing Your Notion Portfolio As A Website

The neat thing about using Notion as your portfolio is that it can serve as a live public document that acts like a website. What does that mean? All you need to do is set the page link as 'Public', and share that URL with anyone that has access to the internet for viewing.

The steps:

  1. Navigate to the top right of your portfolio page and select 'Share';
  2. Toggle on the 'Share to web' button;
  3. Hit 'Show link options', then de-select 'Allow duplicate as template' from the list (you don't want people to copy it, just view!);
  4. And finally, you may also choose to allow 'Search engine indexing', so that your portfolio page can show up in Google;
  5. From there, it's just a matter of hitting 'Copy web link' and sharing that URL with any interested prospects :)

Get started with this template by hitting 'Copy', and once you have a Landmark account you'll be able to duplicate it to your Notion pages and begin editing from there.

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