Brand Positioning Template [Notion Workspace + Figma File]
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Brand Positioning Template [Notion Workspace + Figma File]

Our positioning serves as a summary answer to the question:

Where do we (and our product) fit within our chosen market?

If our target market is simply:

“The types of people looking for products like ours.”

Then our positioning is about figuring out what exactly ‘our market’ will see in us that they don’t see in our competitors.

Are we:

  • The affordable option?
  • The slickest design?
  • The best customer experience?
  • The most niche-specific?

If we position ourselves well, our customers will begin to recognize our product as solving a specific problem.

Often, that specific problem lives at the intersection of two key factors; as we’ll explore in the Positioning board exercise.

Inside the workspace

  • Positioning Board: More info about filling and setting up the positioning board can be found in the Action ‘Identify key positioning factors’.
  • Figma ‘Prettified’ version: Notion is great, and the positioning board is a nice quick and easy way to move competitors around. But once you settle on a clear positioning for your product, you may want to spruce things up with a nicely designed positioning chart. You can copy the Figma file and make your own when ready.

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