19 Critical Notion Templates For Entrepreneurs (2022)

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As an entrepreneur, you have to juggle many tasks and responsibilities, from managing your projects and finances to tracking your customers and employees. To help you stay organized and productive, you can use Notion, the popular all-in-one workspace for organizing and managing your information. In Notion, you can find a wide range of templates that are designed specifically for entrepreneurs, and that can help you save time and effort, and keep your information organized and accessible. In this article, we will showcase some of the best Notion templates for entrepreneurs, and we will provide an overview of how you can use them to manage your business in Notion.

19 Critical Notion Templates For Entrepreneurs (2022)

Business Model Canvas

A timeless classic to help you summarize any business' core activities and model; use this Notion Business Model Canvas template to kick off your next strategy session.
Business Model Canvas in Notion: Editable + Template GeneratorTry this template

Customer Journey Map

Customer journey maps are an essential piece of any marketing or product strategy; but trying to fit them all into one tool/file/place can be... challenging.
Customer Journey Map Template | Notion User Journey [2022]Try this template

Product Roadmap & Versioning

Make the most of Notion's database features to plan coherent timelines for your product development & roadmaps.
Notion Product Roadmap: Advanced Template For Product ManagementTry this template

19 Traction Channels

A handy Notion template to help implement Gabriel Weinberg's famous framework (author of Traction) for achieving growth in your business.
19 Traction Channels [+ Kanban Bullseye Framework]Try this template

Competitors Research

Speed up competitor research with this pre-built Notion database and competitor analysis template.
Notion Competitive Analysis Template: Differentiators, Value Propositions, PositioningTry this template

Meeting Notes

Time to keep better track of your meetings? Add this meeting notes database template to your workspace, with pre-written agendas inside.
Notion Meeting Notes Database TemplateTry this template

Content Strategy

Target segments, key channels, competitor research and a framework for honing your content efforts.
Notion Content Strategy Template: Content Marketing Made Simple In NotionTry this template

Website Planner

Use the databases and views in this Notion website planner template to help plan out your website pages, content and structure.
Notion Website PlannerTry this template

SWOT Analysis Template

Duplicate one of the most timeless business strategy frameworks: SWOT analysis.
SWOT Analysis Template: Examples, How To Use & More (Notion 2022)Try this template

Project Management System

Leverage some of the most basic superpowers of related Notion databases with this simple project management template.
Notion Project Management Template: A Simple System For Managing Projects In 2023Try this template

CRM Template 2.0

Learn how to quickly fill, sort, update and prioritize our pre-built Notion CRM template.
Notion CRM Template 2.0: Contacts, Pipelines & Segmented ListsTry this template

Budgeting & Financials Hub (2.0)

Make budgeting and financial planning simpler with this comprehensive Notion template system.
Notion Budget & Finances Hub: Template & Tutorial (For 2023 Planning)Try this template

Business Strategy Frameworks

From goal-setting to performance management, these business strategy frameworks will help you streamline your operations in 2023.
11 Business Frameworks For 2023: Strategy, Prioritizing & PlanningTry this template

5 Whys Analysis

Try out Sakichi Toyoda's famous 5 Whys Analysis method to help you get to the root cause of an issue in your business.
5 Whys Analysis: Notion Template & Exercise With ExampleTry this template

Drip Campaign Timeline

This drip campaign timeline template helps you plan and track your drip campaign progress in Notion with ease.
Drip Campaign TimelineTry this template

Email Marketing Hub

Plan, write, manage and track your email marketing efforts in this simple, linked Email Hub template.
Email Marketing Strategy Template For 2023 [Plan Drips Sequences, Campaigns & Subject Lines In Notion]Try this template

Notion Employee Directory

Give your team a hub to share a little more about themselves, with this Notion employee directory template.
Notion Employee Directory: A Template For Notion-Based TeamsTry this template

Landmark OS

Run your entire business from our most powerful Notion template system. Start with the core business foundations, then create your ideal setup with new components as you grow.
Try this template

Notion For Business: The Course

Learn what you need to run your entire business in Notion.
Try this template
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