Notion Website Planner Template (2023)

Website Planner
Website planning

Whether you're going to hit publish through a Notion site-builder tool like Super or Feather, or you're just using Notion to outline your pages, copy and designs; this component is designed to help lay out the key elements of your website build in one simple view.

The main template page has a consolidated view of the three databases you'll find inside:

  • Website Map: For all your pages
  • Messaging: For various taglines, descriptions, calls-to-action and copy ideas for the site; and
  • Design Assets: To store your various images, designs and logo assets in one place for visuals.

Let's take a closer look at each.

Website Map (Planner Template)

The Website Map database is designed to give you a high-level overview of all the pages you plan to include on your site. This can be helpful:

- As a visual way to see how everything is interconnected

- As a reminder of what needs to be built (or rebuilt)

- To quickly check the status of each page

- And to list the slug for each page.

The database also includes a 'Selected' checkbox property, and a page 'Type' property.

The page type property lets you select from some common page categories (like Ecommerce, blog post, main), which again is really just there to help you get a quick visual overview of how your site is balanced. Are there too many Collections? Should you add a couple of landing pages? Is the site well structured, overall?

Along with the properties linked to this databases, there are also a couple of pre-written page outline templates inside; so that you can start each new page from a template, if helpful.

The templates included are:

  • A general page outline, with sections like 'page purpose', 'sections', 'design assets'; and
  • A Notion-made landing page, with some useful layouts that you may want to recreate--especially if you'll be prettifying your Notion site with a tool like Super.


The messaging database is designed to help you capture all those little copywriting elements that can be so easily forgotten when brainstorming your site and pages. The properties for this database are:

- Type: Choose from common messaging types like Tagline, Calls-To-Action, and Descriptions.

- Status: To mark the status of a various messaging idea.

- Page: There's also a related property which lets you link various copy and messaging ideas to their respective pages.

Design Assets

Finally, the design assets database (and view) lets you store all your site visuals in one place. This can be helpful when you need to:

- Grab an image for a blog post;

- Map out different Home hero sections with real designs;

- Or showcase a product with a mock-up.

Add it to your Notion account

To use this component, log in to your Landmark account, hit 'Add this to your Notion'  (or 'Clone' from the library page), then duplicate the whole page to your chosen workspace.

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