Notion Employee Directory: A Template For Notion-Based Teams

Notion Employee Directory
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Particularly for remote teams, knowing a little more about who you're working with can make all the difference for team communications, morale and initiative. Sometimes, a simple employee directory with some prompts for the personal bio (with room to get creative) can be the ice-breaker needed for a new contact to be made internally.

In this post, we'll cover a simple Notion Employee Directory template that you can add to your team's Notion workspace. If you're already comfortable with related properties, you can link members of the team to various projects, tasks and documents--even if they're not invited via email to your Notion workspace (if you're worried about limits on team members!).

Properties inside this template:

  • Name
  • Role title
  • Department
  • Employment status
  • Date joined
  • Birthdays
  • Contact email
  • Personal bio (with a couple of prompts); and
  • Employment type

Role title

You can fill this property with the most up-to-date role of your team members--this way everyone can stay updated on any changes across the organization, and who they should be going to for what.


The department property lets you select from a list of pre-set options, like marketing, legal, product and accounting. Add your own departments to the list, then tag your team members with their relevant department.

Note: This can be very handy for larger companies, allowing your to filter and sort by department.

Employment status & type

The employment type drop-down menu includes the options: full-time, part-time, contractor and employee. You can mix-and-match from these to better describe the work relationship of each team member.

You can also select a status to indicate whether a member is currently active, on vacation, sick, etc.  

Date joined

The date joined property is a date field, allowing you to input when each team member joined the company.


The birthday property is also a date field, allowing you to input each team member's birthday. This can be fun for sending automated happy birthday messages on the day, or for planning an office celebration in advance!

Contact email

Use the contact email property to store each team member's work email address. I'll also add that while inside Notion (so long as they're invited to the workspace) you can use the "@" symbol followed by their name to mention them in comments and notes across your workspace.

Personal bio

The personal bio is listed inside the Notion card object, giving each team member the chance to introduce themselves in their own words. We've added a couple of prompts to get people started, but feel free to delete these and add your own.

Once you've filled out these properties for each team member, you can use the gallery view to see all of their information at a glance. You can also filter the properties you'd like to have shown in the gallery by hitting 'Edit view' -> Properties, then selecting those you'd like to appear on each card.

You can also use the sort and filter options to view your team in different ways. For example, you could filter by department or employment status, or sort by date joined or birthday.

Duplicate the full directory to your workspace with the relevant link on this page.

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