13 Notion Templates For Boosting Productivity (2022)

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Notion is a powerful productivity and collaboration platform that offers a wide range of tools and features for organizing, tracking, and managing projects.

One of the key features of Notion is its customizable templates, which allow users to create their own tailored systems for managing their work. In this article, we will take a look at a few of the best Notion templates for boosting productivity, and explore how these templates can help users streamline their workflows and get more done.

From task and project management to note-taking and team collaboration, these templates offer a range of solutions for increasing productivity in Notion.

13 Notion Templates For Boosting Productivity (2022)

Project Management System

Leverage some of the most basic superpowers of related Notion databases with this simple project management template.
Notion Project Management Template: A Simple System For Managing Projects In 2023Try this template

Eisenhower Matrix

Prioritize tasks, projects and initiatives with this timeless classic: The Eisenhower Matrix (Notion Template)
Eisenhower Matrix Notion Template: Prioritize Your Tasks & Projects (2022)Try this template

CRM Template 2.0

Learn how to quickly fill, sort, update and prioritize our pre-built Notion CRM template.
Notion CRM Template 2.0: Contacts, Pipelines & Segmented ListsTry this template

Business Strategy Frameworks

From goal-setting to performance management, these business strategy frameworks will help you streamline your operations in 2023.
11 Business Frameworks For 2023: Strategy, Prioritizing & PlanningTry this template

SMART Goals Tracker

Make the SMART Goal Setting Framework even smarter with this 6-database view remake in Notion.
Notion Goals Template: SMART List, Prioritizer & Tracker Try this template

Weekly, Daily & Hourly Planner

A simple, powerful and elegant template system to help plan your days and weeks in Notion.
Notion Daily, Weekly & Hourly Planner Template (2023): Schedule Your Days In NotionTry this template

+ New Page Widget

Add this little power-up that lets you rapidly generate new menu sub-pages inside your Notion OS.
Notion New Page WidgetTry this template

Meeting Notes

Time to keep better track of your meetings? Add this meeting notes database template to your workspace, with pre-written agendas inside.
Notion Meeting Notes Database TemplateTry this template

Progress Bars

Add some handy progress bars to your databases with these formulas for simple, date-based and rollup progress bars in Notion.
Notion Progress Bars: Tutorial With Template (Latest 2022 Updates)Try this template

Simple Content Repurposing

Increase your content output by streamlining your distribution channels.
Simple Content Repurposing Workflow [5X Your Content Output Using This Notion Template]Try this template

Project Prioritizer

Rank and score your various projects with this simple Notion-built scoring and prioritization tool.
Project Prioritization Tool & Template [Sort, Filter and Rank With Ease] Try this template

Landmark OS

Run your entire business from our most powerful Notion template system. Start with the core business foundations, then create your ideal setup with new components as you grow.
Try this template

Notion For Business: The Course

Learn what you need to run your entire business in Notion.
Try this template
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