Simple Project Prioritization Tool
Project Prioritization

Simple Project Prioritization Tool

You can copy this Notion-made Project Prioritization database and use it as your ‘base’ layer for project management. Link actions, assign people and attach dates to customize your own project management setup from there.

How the project prioritization scoring works

Cost: 1-10 rating of how expensive, in time and energy, this project is likely to be. A negative value—i.e., the higher the score on this, the lower your total project score;

Impact: 1-10 rating of how important (or ‘impactful’) this project is likely to be on your largest business goals;

Urgency: 1-10 rating of how pressing this project is—projects with deadlines coming up tend to have high urgency, even if the total impact is low.

Score: The score is a summary of these three inputs. The higher the score, the higher priority you should place on a given project.

Priority Rating: The priority rating formula only has two distinctions—’HP = High Priority’ and ‘LP = Low Priority’… of course, you can look to the specific scores to fine-tune these rankings.

Sort: The table is automatically sorted to show the highest priority projects at the top of your table.

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