Simple Content Repurposing Workflow [5X Your Content Output Using This Notion Template]

Simple Content Repurposing
Content Repurposing

If you're in the content game, at all, the term 'content repurposing' is nothing new to you. The idea of chopping up your content into smaller, specific pieces to be redistributed across mulitple platforms--like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest--you get it, it's a good idea.

The biggest problem, if we're being honest, is always to do with implementation. Following up on the redistribution. Keeping track of where you posted things (and if it actually made any kind of impact). These are the things that can slow us down to the point of throwing up our hands and simply saying, 'One channel is enough for now'.

And it might be.

But if you are interested in going down the content repurposing route, I created this Notion template system to scratch my own itch. I wanted it to be as simple and 'follow-through-able' as possible.

So there are just two main elements:

  1. Primary content pieces;
  2. Distribution channels.

This Notion-made content repurposing system takes care of the rest.

What is your primary content piece?

The first step is to identify which content piece will be your 'primary' content. This is the piece that we'll be breaking up and/or sharing across multiple channels.  

It could be a blog post, an article, a video, an Instagram post, etc.

Choose your secondary and tertiary distribution channels.

The next step is to decide which channels you want to share your content on. These will be your 'secondary' and 'tertiary' distribution channels.

Your secondary distribution channel might be Twitter. Your tertiary, LinkedIn.

You can, of course, add as many channels as you want. But I've found that two or three works best for me, in terms of both content distribution and content creation.

The content repurposing workflow

Now that we've gone over the two main elements of this content repurposing system--your primary content piece and your distribution channels--it's time to get into the nitty-gritty of how it actually works.

There are three main steps in this content repurposing workflow:

  1. Add your Primary Content piece
  2. Select your content distribution channels
  3. Drag and duplicate copies of your primary content while holding ALT on the keyboard into the relevant channel dashboards;
  4. Edit and customize your post to be tailored to each specific platform;
  5. Use the publishing quick links to copy across your post details, link and description and hit 'Publish'.

Adding new channels in the template

  1. Hit the 'New Channel' button in your menu;
  2. Name your channel page (e.g. ‘TikTok’);
  3. Filter your calendar to only show posts from that channel;
  4. Hold ‘Alt’ on your keyboard, and drag a content item into the new channel calendar 🙌

Getting started

Take a look through the video tour above if you have more questions about how this template system looks in action. Then, if you're curious to take a look inside and get inspiration for your own setup, hit the 'preview' button to explore the complete template. Or, if you'd like to get started using this system and duplicate it to your Notion workspace, get started with a Pro Access membership (any templates/systems you download you keep forever, even after you cancel 😉 )

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