Notion Progress Bars: Tutorial With Template (Latest 2023 Updates)

Progress Bars
Progress bars

The beauty of building your own apps in Notion is its flexibility. Not only in design and aesthetics, but in its function and features.

One common feature of any work-tracking app is a progress bar. Ideally, this will let you:

  • Track progress toward a stated goal (e.g. a revenue target);
  • Rollup other items, like tasks, and display progress so far; and/or
  • Display the progress of date properties, toward a given deadline.

In this component, we'll walk through these use cases and a few others to help you quickly add progress bars to your own workspaces.

If you just want some Notion progress bar templates--hit 'Copy to Notion' when logged into your Pro Account on this page.

And if you'd like to see how to create your own Progress bars from scratch, check out the Scribe and steps below.

Notion Progress Bars

What are they, and how do they work, then?  Progress bars are visual indicators of progress toward a goal. This could be a sales target, or a roll-up of tasks you’ve completed toward a given project.

Progress bars can visualize numbers toward a metric (e.g. 10 out of 100). But they can also be used to measure progress toward a 'date' or deadline.

In Notion, progress bars are straightforward to create and can be used for any of the above use cases.

Making your own Progress Bars in Notion

In this component, we look at three different progress bars:

  • Simple numbers formula;
  • Date formula; and
  • Rollup formula.

How to create a simple progress bar in Notion

If you're tracking, say, sales goals or achievements in Notion, this is a good place to start.

  1. First, create a new page (or open an existing one) and add two number properties.
  2. Name them ‘Current’ and ‘Target’ (these will be the current and target values you’re tracking).
  3. Add your current total and the target you're working toward.
  4. Then, open the ‘Formula’ view (which is accessed by clicking on the small arrow next to ‘Current’ or ‘Target’)
  5. Enter the following formula: =(Current/Target*100). This will give you a percentage value that is the ratio of your current total to the target.
  6. Choose to ‘Edit property’ and select ‘Progress Bar’ as the number type;
  7. Format the number to be 'percent;
  8. And you’re done! You now have a Notion progress bar in your workspace that can track any number of goals or targets.

How to create a date progress bar in Notion

Creating date progress bars is a little trickier than working with simple number properties.

For a click-by-click walk-through, I'd recommend taking a closer look at the second half of this Scribe.

You can also just hit 'Preview' on this components page to take a look inside a live example of the formulas used to achieve this deadline progress bar--and copy them across into your own setups.

Of course, if you're a Pro Access member you can also just duplicate the template with all the progress bars pre-made and ready to go.

How to create a rollup formula in Notion

If you want to track the progress of a task or project, this is a great way to do it.

  1. You'll need two databases for this one to work. In our example, we're using 'Tasks' and 'Projects';
  2. We want to find out how many tasks have been completed in a given project, so first we're going to need to create some tasks in our tasks database, and create 1 project in our projects database;
  3. Next, we'll create a 'Done' checkbox property in our Tasks database;
  4. Head over to your Projects database and create a 'Relation' property--then select the Tasks database as your source;
  5. Now we need to create another property in our Projects database--this time a 'Rollup' property;
  6. Select Tasks as the relation, 'Done' as the property and then 'Percent checked' as the calculation;
  7. Last step! Select that same rollup property and edit it so that the displayed number is a 'Progress bar', and that the number format is 'percentage'.

And that's it! Something that would've been a relatively neat 2-hour coding challenge to create a 'to-do' app that rolls up tasks into projects and gives a progress bar is now completed in just a few clicks in Notion.

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