New Year Notion Planner (2023 Template)

Yearly Goals & Practices Planner
New Year Planner

The New Year is almost upon us--time to set some goals to help things move in the direction we want them to.

This template uses a few of Notion's latest feature updates (including repeating database templates and sub-items), but it's all made relatively simple with just two databases and a couple of views to help you plan and track progress toward your goals.

Let's take a look.

How to Use the New Year Notion Planner

  1. Reflect on your achievements in 2022 in the "2022 Takeaways" section.
  2. Set your goals using the smart methodology in the "Goals" section.
  3. Set milestones for your goals using the sub items feature.
  4. Establish practices to work towards on a recurring or repeat basis in the "Practices" database.
  5. Track your progress on practices in the Month-by-Month view.
  6. Check in with your goals and milestones regularly on the Progress page.

Step 1: Reflect on 2022

Open the planner and go to the "2022 Takeaways" section. This section is designed to help you reflect on your achievements in the past year and think about what worked well and what didn't. Take a moment to fill out this section before moving on to goal setting.

Step 2: Set Your Goals

Go to the "Goals" section, which is organized by different areas of life such as business, finances, and health. You can add your own specific groups by either adding a new group or working on the area tag.

Set your goals using the smart methodology. Each goal should have a specific target, an achievability rating, and a time bound or due date.

Step 3: Set Milestones

Use the sub items feature to set milestones for your goals. These are smaller goals that mark progress along the way to achieving your larger goal. Milestones are indicated by a different color scheme, so you can quickly see which are goals and which are milestones at a glance.

Step 4: Establish Practices

In the "Practices" database, you can establish practices that you want to work towards on a recurring or repeat basis. These can be helpful for developing habits and staying on track with your goals.

Step 5: Track Your Progress

Use the Month-by-Month view to track your progress on your practices and stay on top of your goals. This can help you see how you are doing and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 6: Check In With Your Goals and Milestones

Regularly check in with your goals and milestones on the Progress page. This can help you stay on track and make progress towards achieving your goals.

Get started by hitting 'Preview' to take a full tour of this template and get some inspiration for your own setup. Or, i you'd just like to start from this exact setup, start by creating a Pro account and duplicating this template to your workspace.

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