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When you've worked hard getting your product or service offering to a place that's converting--social media ads are often touted as the obvious and 'simple' move to grow and scale. Throw together some headlines, a description and images; give it a daily budget; and watch the profits roll in... right?

Well, the truth is, like any growth channel; ads are hard, and require some practice to get good at. Professional account managers spend hours every day inside their campaigns, tweaking and getting a 'feel for' what's working and what's not--and there really is a method to the madness of ad campaigns beyond just wrangling together a few audience interests and target locations 😅

I remember wishing there was a simple template to help me plan out (and get better at planning out!) my first campaigns.

Naturally, the spreadsheets and docs weren't quite doing it for me--so I've created this Notion Hub to help you map out every step of the Facebook (Meta) ad campaign manager journey.

Let's take a look.

Facebook Ads Planner Template: In Notion

  1. Funnel
  2. Objectives
  3. Budget
  4. Campaigns
  5. Ad Groups / Ad Sets
  6. Ads
  7. Audiences
  8. Personas
  9. Dashboard
  10. Ad Performance

These are the key workspaces in the hub, all found in the left-hand synced menu. This menu will let you go between pages quickly--all the while knowing you're still inside your Facebook Ads Planner Hub.

1. Planning Your Funnel

The Facebook Ads Planner template in Notion starts with the Funnel. This helps you lay out your Facebook ad campaigns before you move onto their setup, allowing you to see exactly what objectives will be met by each campaign and how it fits into the broader funnel strategy.

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Retargeting

2. Objectives

Once you have laid out your funnel, the Facebook Ads Planner template in Notion moves onto Facebook ad campaign Objectives. This helps you set goals that tie directly to your funnel and ensure each Facebook ad campaign is working towards a bigger goal.

The basic Meta ad campaign objectives are:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • App Promotion
  • Sales
  • Leads

3. Budget

On the Facebook Ads Planner Template, budgeting allows you to make sure each Facebook ad campaign has enough resources allocated to it to achieve the desired outcome. It helps you make sure that Facebook ad campaigns are cost-effective, and that resources are allocated appropriately across all Facebook ad campaigns in your funnel.

4. Campaigns

The Facebook Ads Planner template also allows you to easily create Facebook ad campaigns. This helps you set up Facebook ad campaigns quickly and efficiently, so you can start testing and optimizing Facebook ad campaigns in no time.

5. Ad Groups / Ad Sets

The Facebook Ads Planner template also allows you to easily create Facebook Ad Groups and Facebook Ad Sets. This helps you segment Facebook ad campaigns and target different audiences with different messages.

6. Ads

The Facebook Ads Planner template also  allows you to easily create Facebook ads. This helps you quickly create Facebook ads that are targeted to the right audience and optimized for maximum impact.

  • Headline
  • Description
  • Link
  • Status
  • Format

7. Audiences

The Facebook Ads Planner template also allows you to easily build Facebook ad audiences. This helps you target the right people with your Facebook ad campaigns and make sure they're getting the most out of their Facebook ad budgets.

  • Location
  • Age range
  • Genders
  • Interests
  • Industry

8. Personas

The Facebook Ads Planner template also allows you to easily create personas. This helps you better understand who your target customers are so that your Facebook ad campaigns can be tailored towards them specifically and maximise engagement rates and conversions.

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Goals
  • Pain Points

9. Dashboard

Finally, the Notion hub comes with a space to plug in powerful dashboards which gives an overview of all Facebook ad performance. This helps you gain insights into how Facebook ad campaigns are performing and quickly spot trends in order to make informed decisions about Facebook ad campaigns--we recommend using a tool like Databox to help with this.

10. Ad Performance

The Facebook Ads Planner template also allows you to easily track Facebook ad performance. This helps you monitor Facebook ad campaigns in real-time and react quickly to changes in the market, helping ensure Facebook ad campaigns are successful and delivering the best return on investment.

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