Simple Notion Related/Linked Database Template (2023)

Simple Relational Databases Template
Related Databases

In the world of Notion, the power of databases reigns supreme. The magic gets more profound when you utilize Notion's relation property to connect data between two tables or databases. You might have a database for 'People' and another for 'Projects'. Now imagine linking these two. That's exactly where the 'relation' property comes in!

A relation property allows you to express useful relationships between items in different databases. For instance, in our template, you can link 'People' to 'Projects' and vice versa. It not only allows for organization but also provides a more profound level of detail in your databases.

How to Customize this Notion Linked Database Template

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to customize the Simple Notion Related/Linked Databases Template:

  1. Launch the Template: Open & duplicate the Simple Notion Related/Linked Databases Template in Notion.
  2. Understand the Template Structure: Familiarize yourself with the existing structure. Note that there are two databases: 'People' and 'Projects'.
  3. Edit the 'People' Database: Add, remove, or modify the 'People' database entries according to your needs.
  4. Edit the 'Projects' Database: Likewise, adjust the 'Projects' database to reflect your ongoing, completed, and future projects.
  5. Set Up Relations: Use the 'relation' property to link individuals from the 'People' database to specific projects in the 'Projects' database, creating a relation.
  6. Configure the Rollup Property: Set up a 'rollup' property to pull information from the 'Projects' database into the 'People' database view. For example, you could display the Project Status in the 'People' database view.
  7. Test the System: After setting everything up, make sure the relation and rollup properties are functioning correctly. You should see your desired project information appearing next to individuals in the 'People' database.
  8. Make Adjustments: As you start using your newly customized template, you might identify areas that require adjustments. Feel free to refine the template to meet your specific needs.

Use Cases for Related Databases in Your Business

  1. Project Management: Use the template to assign specific team members to certain projects. This way, everyone knows who is responsible for what, promoting accountability and transparency.
  2. Resource Planning: By linking people to projects, you can ensure that all projects have the necessary human resources and that workloads are evenly distributed.
  3. Progress Tracking: With the rollup property, you can keep track of project status right from the 'People' database, facilitating easy tracking of each individual's progress.
  4. Client Relations: If your 'People' database includes clients, you can easily track which projects each client is associated with, improving client management.
  5. Recruitment: For HR teams, the template can help track which candidates are being considered for which roles or projects, streamlining the recruitment process.

In essence, the Simple Notion Related/Linked Databases Template is an invaluable tool for any business looking to enhance organization, project management, and overall productivity. With a clear view of who is tied to what project, workflow becomes smoother, and efficiency levels rise.

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