Notion Course Creation Template: Plan & Deliver Your Next Course In Notion (2023)

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Prediction: By 2025, a significant number of online courses will be planned, created and delivered in Notion. I'm talking everything from sketching out your topic ideas, planning video content, writing out lessons, brainstorming assignments and mapping out a nice cadence for your schedule  -> to actually delivering and publishing your course via a public (although 'secret') Notion URL.


In the past decade, we saw an immense surge of 'online course' delivery platforms--the vast majority of which gave you the bare minimum, simple features of:

  • A database to store 'Lessons';
  • A way to upload documents and videos for these lessons;
  • A way to invite users to your course; and
  • Sometimes a thread or comms hub for class discussions.

Notion is already able to provide all of that as a 'course creation platform', and it's upgrading its capabilities at lightning speed (Notion AI was just announced, after all 👀).

Quick Takeaway

  • Notion is a completely viable 'course creation platform' for planning & shipping a valuable online course;
  • It's a significant upgrade on Docs and Sheets, and significantly cheaper than online course creation software;
  • You can use this template to recreate the same 'course Web App' feeling--without paying the software subscription fees ;)

Let's take a look at what's in the template then.

Notion Course Creation Template

Let's start with the pages and workspaces inside this template:

  • Lessons
  • Assignments
  • Schedule
  • Library
  • FAQs
  • Office Hours

Notion Class or Lessons Planner

The first thing you'll notice is the 'Lessons' page. Here, you can start planning out what topics you want to cover in your course.

Each 'Lesson' has its own Sub-Page where you can start adding in more detail.

The lessons database includes a 'New Lesson Template', so you can quickly add new lessons with the same format.  

Assignments Workspace

Once you have a few lessons planned out, you can start thinking about assignments. The 'Assignments' page has a space for you to add all of the details of each assignment. These are linked to Lessons--so students can easily jump from Lessons to see which Assignments are due for each lesson.

(This is also handy as it'll allow students to keep track of their 'Progress' throughout the course. As they check off assignments and lessons, a progress bar will automatically update on their homepage).

Notion Course Schedule

You can also use this Notion template to schedule your course. The 'Schedule' page has a calendar view of your Lessons database that you can use to map out when each lesson will be released.

Course Resources Library

The 'Library' workspace is where you can start adding all of the resources students will need for your course. This could include:

  • Additional Videos
  • Documents
  • Links
  • PDFs, Files or Presentations
  • And literally anything else you like :)

Notion FAQs Page Template

You'll also notice an 'FAQs' page in this Notion template. Here, you can start adding all of the frequently asked questions about your course. This is a great way to offload some of the support queries you might get, as well as getting ahead of any issues that might arise during the course.

Notion Office Hours

The 'Office Hours' workspace is where you can start adding all of the details of your weekly Office Hours. These are great for giving students a chance to ask questions about the course, or get feedback on their work from you.

If you record these sessions, you can also list in the gallery view a quick link to past recordings.

Get started with the Notion Course Creation Hub

Just hit 'Copy to Notion' while logged into your Pro account on this page and start making it your own!

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