Embed A Google Analytics Dashboard In Notion

Google Analytics Dashboard

If content and website visitors are at all important to you and your business; chances are, Google Analytics is one of your go-to tools for tracking performance.

Personally, checking Google Analytics is something I do more often than I'd like to admit--an addiction, almost!--to the point of it being a distraction. I'll navigate away from my Notion workspace, open Google Analytics, and look at the numbers for a good 5-10 minutes, trying to absorb insights by doing so...

The truth is, this often simply takes me away from more important work. And now, I have a browser open--links, distractions and new things to check abound.

Which is why I embedded my Google Analytics dashboard directly into my home Notion workspace. It doesn't have all the details I need, but it gives me the big indicators, including:

  • Total users (with a customizable date selection tab);
  • Total sessions;
  • Total pageviews;
  • Bounce rate;
  • Sessions by country;
  • Sessions by acquisition source;
  • Pageviews by acquisition source; and
  • Demographics data like age &Ā gender.

And to be honest, these are really the only high-level information I need, most of the time, to inform my strategy, decide which content or project to work on next, and ultimately get back to building.

Adding the Google Analytics Dashboard to your Notion workspace

To add this to your own workspace, you can follow the steps laid out in more detail in this Scribe Walk-through.

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