Financial Models & Calculators Widget

Financials Widget

As a business owner, consultant or freelancing--number crunching is part of the game.

Rather than recreate the same old Google Sheet over and over, or refresh your Excel skills, you can leverage a visual tool like Causal to create common models. Forecasts, calculators and projections that can be used time and time again--all that changes are the inputs, as you need them.

This little widget gives you 8 pre-built models to get you started.

  • Subscription PricingĀ Model
  • Objectives Checker
  • Runway Calculator
  • Leads Calculator
  • Bidding Calculator
  • Freelance Rate Calculator
  • Product Pricing
  • 30-Day Cashflow Chart

Copy the whole block, add it your Notion workspace, and spawn the models you need, in context, in no time at all.

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