Notion FAQs Template: Simple List + Publishable Page (2023)

It's becoming increasingly common for companies to link out to a public Notion page for 'Roadmap', 'Announcements', and 'FAQs'. And it makes sense. Notion provides one of the most pleasant editing environments, and can be a whole lot easier than creating or updating a section of a website to address your customers most frequently asked questions.

If you've been thinking about setting up your own Notion FAQs page, we've got you--get started with this simple template, add your own questions and tags, then use the page layout format to publish your URL and link out from socials, newsletters, and your website.

Inside the Notion FAQs template

After duplicating to your own Notion account, you'll find a grouped table view which lets you list questions then sort them by 'Tags'.

Tags help you organize common question topics and clusters. By default, in the template you'll find tags for:

  • Product-related questions;
  • Company or 'About' questions;
  • Account-related queries;
  • Announcements; and
  • Tutorials or Help Centre.

Feel free to create new tags, or simple edit the existing tags from within the table view.

The rest is simple enough. You'll see a text input box for your questions, another text input for your answers, and a checkbox to select those which you are currently hosting 'live' on your public URL.

How do you create a question and answer box in Notion?

For the page layout that will be used in this template, we'll simply be using Toggle H3 headings to show a question, then reveal the answer on click.

To recreate this question and answer layout for yourself in Notion, you can:

  1. Create a H3 toggle heading by typing '/tog' and searching for the H3 toggle;
  2. Use that heading to write your question;
  3. Click into the toggle by hitting the arrow, then type your answer in the space provided;
  4. 💡 Bonus Tip: You can mass select multiple questions by dragging and selecting toggle blocks, then when you hit 'open' or 'close', you'll be able to quickly show or hide all answers.

You can get started with the template by logging into your Landmark account, then hitting the 'Clone' link for this component.


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