Notion SEO Starter Kit Template

Notion SEO Starter Kit Template

Getting started with SEO can feel daunting. All this talk about meta-descriptions, title tags, keywords and backlinking...

The good news is: there are countless excellent resources out there (accessible and simple to understand, too!) to help you find your footing.

(In that vein, I'd highly recommend the Ahrefs YouTube Channel for accessible, high value content for people at all SEO levels).

While there are plenty of resources on the 'how', there are fewer resources to actually help you implement.

Lots of theory, not so many tools.

That's what this SEO Starter Kit is for. To help you instantly add a clear framework for your SEO-driven content efforts, right in your Notion workspace.

Inside, you'll find:

  • A sortable keywords database;
  • A section for setting SEO targets;
  • Link-building database and board to track your outreach;
  • Content calendar;
  • Tools for SEO and prospecting;
  • An on-page SEO checklist; and
  • A home dashboard to help you tie it all together.

Simply sign in with your Landmark account, hit 'Member template', then Duplicate the SEO Starter Kit into your own workspace to get started.

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