Product Pricing Calculator Template (Is It Worth Productizing Your Knowledge?)

Product Pricing Calculator Template (Is It Worth Productizing Your Knowledge?)

We’re going to try and answer a focused question: Should you create and build a digital product from your existing knowledge, services and expertise?

To make it actionable, we’ll focus on a very specific use case. That is, anyone who is actively fulfilling client-based projects, and is interested in productizing one or some of those services into a digital product offering.

Background Questions

  • Which of your services do people most resonate with?
  • Which aspects of those services are highly repeatable? Which could be packaged into a product that delivers at least 70% of the value of delivering it 1-1?
  • How much do you normally charge?
  • How many opportunities (or how much traffic) are you expecting to generate?
  • What is a reasonable conversion rate % for those opportunities?

We are not using this model to price a product that is needed to sustain your entire business. This is an add-on, and we’re simply trying to answer the key question: is it worth your time to build it?

So, in that vein, let’s find out:

  • How many hours will it take to build your first product?
  • How long will it take to package, present and publish/host your product?

That’s all. We just want to find out whether or not it’s worthwhile.

You can use the calculator above to help get started.


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