Notion for Breweries: Ultimate Guide (2024)

Running a brewery involves a symphony of tasks ranging from production planning and inventory management to branding and customer experiences. Notion is an industrious tool for brewery owners, offering a structured and customizable environment to visualize workflows, track brewing processes, and curate business strategies. Here’s the ultimate guide to using Notion for managing brewery operations efficiently.

Ways To Use Notion For Breweries

  • Batch and Production Tracking: Organize brewing schedules, track fermentation progress, and log batch tasting notes.
  • Supply Chain Management: Keep an inventory of raw materials, manage vendor relations, and oversee order fulfillment.
  • Marketing and Event Planning: Craft marketing campaigns, plan brewery events, and manage customer engagement initiatives.

Key Notion Features For Breweries

  • Customizable Databases: Use Notion’s databases to track various beer batches, ingredients, and production assets with details specific to brewing needs.
  • Task Assignments: Allocate and manage tasks within your brewery team, assigning responsibilities for production, marketing, and taproom operations.
  • Document Embedding: Embed brewing process documents, training manuals, and branding assets directly into Notion for easy access by your team.

Tips & Best Practices Using Notion For Breweries

Create dedicated workspaces for different arms of your brewery business—production, sales, marketing—to maintain organization. Regularly update inventory and batch trackers for real-time insights into your brewery's operations. Utilize Notion’s sharing features to collaborate on strategies, events, and initiatives with your team.


  • Q: Can Notion handle the stringent record-keeping needed for regulatory compliance in breweries? A: Notion can serve as a digital logbook for brew logs and compliance records, but ensure that it satisfies all regulatory requirements, and maintain physical backups as needed.
  • Q: Is it feasible to manage distributor and vendor relationships within Notion? A: Yes, Notion's CRM capabilities enable tracking of interactions, contracts, and orders with vendors and distributors effectively.
  • Q: How secure is proprietary brewery information in Notion? A: Notion takes security seriously, but consider additional protections for highly sensitive business information such as recipes and production techniques.



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