Notion for Coffee Shops: Ultimate Guide (2024)

Running a coffee shop involves managing a bustling environment with precision and flair, blending the art of coffee with business savvy. Notion serves as an impeccable tool for coffee shop owners and managers to maintain organization, track inventory, and foster team collaboration. Here's the ultimate guide to maximizing the potential of Notion for managing a coffee shop.

Ways To Use Notion For Coffee Shops

  • Inventory Tracking: Manage coffee beans, pastries, and other inventory items to prevent shortages and overstock.
  • Employee Scheduling: Organize staff shifts, track time-off requests, and manage barista rotations.
  • Recipe Documentation: Store coffee recipes, brewing techniques, and customer favorites for consistency and training purposes.

Key Notion Features For Coffee Shops

  • Custom Databases: Create databases for drinks, suppliers, and product sales, with custom views for daily, weekly, or monthly insights.
  • Calendar Views: Schedule events such as live music, community gatherings, or promotions and view them in a calendar format.
  • Document Embedding: Incorporate training videos, music playlists, or supplier orders directly into Notion for centralized resource access.

Tips & Best Practices Using Notion For Coffee Shops

Maintain a clean and organized workspace within Notion, categorizing areas for inventory, staff management, and recipes. Regularly update inventory lists to synchronize with current stock levels. Use Notion’s collaboration features to engage staff in schedule planning and task distribution.


  • Q: Can I use Notion for point of sale tracking or financial transactions? A: Notion is not a POS system, but you can use it to organize sales data and summaries alongside your existing POS.
  • Q: Is Notion practical for creating a knowledge base for coffee brewing and shop operations? A: Absolutely, Notion is ideal for creating a comprehensive knowledge base that your team can refer to for information and training.
  • Q: How can I ensure sensitive information in Notion is only accessible to managers? A: Use Notion’s permission settings to restrict access to certain pages or databases to manager-level staff only.


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