Notion for Home Renovators: Ultimate Guide (2024)

Home renovation brings the vision of a dream home to life, requiring careful planning, budgeting, and project management. Notion offers home renovators a powerful toolkit to organize renovation projects, track expenses, manage contractors, and document the transformation journey. Here's the ultimate guide to mastering home renovation with Notion.

Ways To Use Notion For Home Renovators

  • Project Planning: Outline phases, set milestones, and create schedules for each stage of the renovation process.
  • Budget Management: Track costs, budget allocations, and expenses to maintain financial control throughout the renovation.
  • Vendor Coordination: Keep details of contractors, suppliers, and vendors in one place, managing communications and contracts efficiently.

Key Notion Features For Home Renovators

  • Databases: Utilize databases to store project details, before and after images, and renovation checklists with customized views.
  • Calendar Views: Plan and manage renovation timelines, ensuring tasks and contractor work are scheduled appropriately.
  • Task Boards: Track the progress of specific tasks or projects using kanban boards to visualize workflow stages.

Tips & Best Practices Using Notion For Home Renovators

Maintain an up-to-date database for all aspects of the renovation to prevent oversights and errors. Regularly back up your Notion workspace to preserve records of decisions, invoices, and contracts. Utilize Notion’s collaboration features to share progress with family members, discussion with contractors, or to gather input from interior designers.


  • Q: Can Notion be used for real-time updates on project progress? A: Absolutely, with Notion’s mobile app, you can access and update your project information from the renovation site.
  • Q: Is Notion suitable for managing multiple renovation projects at once? A: Yes, Notion's scalable interface allows for managing different projects, each with its own set of databases and pages.
  • Q: How can I ensure supplier and contractor information is secure in Notion? A: Apply Notion’s security settings, and consider additional security practices as per your data management policies.


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