Notion for Non-Profits: Ultimate Guide (2024)

Non-profit organizations face unique challenges, from donor management to event planning and volunteer coordination. Notion serves as a versatile tool that can streamline these organizational tasks, housing everything from documents to databases in a centralized platform. Here's the ultimate guide to wielding Notion’s capabilities for the benefit of non-profit organizations.

Ways To Use Notion For Non-Profits

  • Donor Management: Keep detailed records of donors, track donation history, and manage communications in one place.
  • Event Planning: Strategically plan and execute fundraising events, handle logistics, and evaluate success post-event.
  • Volunteer Coordination: Organize volunteer rosters, define roles, and maintain schedules to ensure effective use of volunteer resources.

Best Notion Templates For Non-Profits

  • Client Portal 2.0: Notion Template: Enhance donor experiences with a dedicated space where they can access reports, updates, and opportunities for giving. Engage your supporters effectively with Client Portal 2.0.
  • Notion Project Management Template: Manage your non-profit projects and campaigns with a comprehensive tool, ensuring every detail is tracked from conception to completion. Coordinate your operations at Project Management Template.

Key Notion Features For Non-Profits

  • Custom Tables and Databases: Use tables and databases to maintain donor details, event checklists, and volunteer rosters with customizable views.
  • Task Lists: Create and manage to-do lists for day-to-day non-profit operations and ongoing initiatives.
  • Embedable Content: Integrate external forms, maps, and other resources directly into Notion pages for a comprehensive toolkit.

Tips & Best Practices Using Notion For Non-Profits

Regularly update your databases and pages to reflect the latest non-profit activities and constituent interactions. Use Notion's sharing features to keep team members and stakeholders informed and involved. Establish a clear structure within your workspace to mirror your organization’s operational framework.


  • Q: Can Notion handle sensitive information, such as donor data, securely? A: Notion has robust security, but it's crucial to use it within the recommendations of data privacy laws and to configure permission settings accordingly.
  • Q: How can Notion support remote or distributed non-profit teams? A: With shared workspaces and real-time collaboration features, Notion can centralize communication and project management for teams regardless of their locations.
  • Q: Is it practical to use Notion for grant writing and reporting? A: Notion's text editing and page organization capabilities make it a valuable tool for drafting grants and compiling reports required by funding bodies.



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