Notion for Students: Ultimate Guide (2024)

Students of all levels can greatly benefit from the organizational superpowers that Notion provides. From lecture notes to study schedules and extracurricular planning, Notion is the ultimate digital notebook for the modern student. This guide will cover the best practices for students to get the most out of Notion.

Ways To Use Notion For Students

  • Class Notes & Organization: Compile lecture notes, reading materials, and class references into neat, searchable pages.
  • Assignment & Exam Tracking: Keep tabs on upcoming deadlines, plan projects, and prepare study schedules.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Manage your involvement in clubs, sports, and volunteer work, aligning activities with academic responsibilities.

Best Notion Templates For Students

  • Notion Project Management Template: Utilize this template to plan and manage your projects and due tasks. Try it at Project Management Template.
  • Simple Budget Planner: Stay on top of your finances, from scholarships and loans to everyday expenses, with this easy-to-use budget planner. Manage your finances smarter with Simple Budget Planner.

Key Notion Features For Students

  • Database Functionality: Use Notion databases to keep detailed study logs, academic contacts, and book databases.
  • To-Do Lists: Organize your tasks using to-do lists with check-boxes for a satisfying way to keep track of completed study goals.
  • Template Buttons: Set up template buttons for recurring academic tasks such as new lecture notes or assignment outlines to save time.

Tips & Best Practices Using Notion For Students

Develop a consistent labelling system for quick navigation. Utilize Notion's vast array of integrations to link all your academic tools and resources. Don't forget to review and archive your pages at the end of each semester to keep your workspace tidy.


  • Q: Can I share my Notion notes with classmates? A: Absolutely! Notion is designed for collaboration, allowing you to share pages or entire notebooks.
  • Q: How secure is Notion for storing my university work? A: Notion employs bank-level encryption for data in transit and at rest, but always use best practices for data security.
  • Q: Is Notion useful for group projects? A: Yes, Notion's collaborative workspaces and real-time editing make it perfect for group work.


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