Notion for Video Production: Ultimate Guide (2024)

Video production encompasses a broad range of tasks that require meticulous planning, creative execution, and project management. Notion is an all-encompassing platform that aids video producers in managing workflows, organizing shoots, and tracking post-production progress. This ultimate guide is tailored to help you navigate Notion for a streamlined video production process.

Ways To Use Notion For Video Production

  • Pre-Production Planning: Document script breakdowns, shot lists, location scouting, and equipment needs.
  • Project and Team Management: Coordinate shooting schedules, assign tasks to crew members, and track project timelines.
  • Post-Production Tracking: Manage editing workflows, visual effects, sound design, and color grading stages, including feedback rounds.

Key Notion Features For Video Production

  • Customizable Databases: Build databases for crew contacts, talent databases, and location libraries, making your information organized and accessible.
  • Task Boards: Utilize kanban boards to track the status of different production phases and individual assignments.
  • Embedded Files: Integrate scripts, storyboards, and visual references directly within Notion pages for a cohesive project view.

Tips & Best Practices Using Notion For Video Production

Create a standardized template for each phase of production, making new project setups efficient and consistent. Regularly update task boards and project details to keep your team informed and production running smoothly. Collaborate on Notion pages with your editing team for a seamless post-production process, using comments and sharing features for feedback and approvals.


  • Q: Can Notion integrate with production software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere? A: While Notion cannot integrate directly with these software solutions, it can serve as a hub for project management and planning.
  • Q: Is Notion a suitable tool for storing large video files? A: Notion is better used for planning and tracking; it's advisable to store large files on dedicated cloud storage or network drives.
  • Q: How can Notion help with client presentations and feedback? A: Use Notion to present project plans, timelines, and gather feedback directly on shared pages with clients.


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