How To Use Notion for Content Planning (+ Template 2024)

Notion has rapidly grown into a go-to productivity tool that offers immense value across various tasks, including content planning. At Landmark Labs, we've developed the Content Planner 2.0 template to streamline the content planning process in Notion. Moreover, with Notion AI, you can even have Notion write drafts of your content!

In this article, we'll guide you through how to use Notion for content planning, utilizing different views, writing content with Notion AI, and getting started with Content Planner 2.0.

Key Elements Of A Content Plan

A solid content plan is crucial for ensuring the smooth creation, production, and distribution of content. Here are the key elements of a content plan:

  1. Content Ideas: This is where you brainstorm and store ideas for future content.
  2. Content Calendar: A calendar that outlines when each piece of content will be created, edited, and published.
  3. Content Details: These include the title, format, target audience, keywords, and channels for distribution for each piece of content.
  4. Progress Tracker: This tool allows you to monitor the progress of each piece of content from idea to publication.

How To Use Notion For Content Planning

Notion, with its highly customizable interface and vast range of features, can be used to incorporate all the key elements of a content plan mentioned above. Here's how:

  1. Creating a Database for Content Ideas: You can create a new database for storing all your content ideas. Each new idea can be added as a new page within the database.
  2. Setting Up a Content Calendar: Notion allows you to create a calendar view within your content database. Here, you can schedule content and visualize your content plan.
  3. Defining Content Details: Within each content idea page, you can add properties for the title, format, target audience, keywords, and distribution channels.
  4. Tracking Progress: Add a 'Status' property to track the progress of each content idea. You can customize the property to include stages like 'Idea', 'Draft', 'Editing', 'Ready for publication', and 'Published'.

Using Different Views In Notion, Like Calendar & Timeline

Notion offers several ways to view your content, which can be switched easily depending on your needs:

  1. Calendar View: This allows you to visualize your content schedule. You can see when each piece of content is due and rearrange them by dragging and dropping.
  2. Timeline View: This view offers a broader overview of your content plan. It's especially helpful for visualizing long-term projects or content series.
  3. Table View: This is the default view and shows all properties of your content items in a tabular format. It's great for quickly assessing all details related to your content.

How To Use Notion AI's Writing Features

Step 1: Accessing Notion AI

You can access Notion AI in three ways:

  • To improve existing content, highlight text and select 'Ask AI.' Pick an option from the dropdown or write a custom prompt.
  • To generate a summary or extract insights from a page, type '/AI' to view AI blocks or ask Notion AI to write anything for you.
  • To draft new text, use the space key on a new page or line and enter any prompt.

Step 2: Enhancing Efficiency

Notion AI can streamline your work by enhancing your efficiency. Highlight text and use the 'Ask AI' feature to offload time-consuming tasks such as extracting action items from meeting notes or generating high-quality translations.

Step 3: Managing Meetings

Notion AI makes it easy to manage meetings by summarizing notes and extracting action items. Use AI blocks like '/summarize,' '/action items,' and '/custom AI block' to create custom content based on the page's context. Consider adding these AI blocks to your meeting database templates for added convenience.

Step 4: Improving Content

Notion AI can help transform scrappy notes into polished documents. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Write bullet points and ask AI to create a paragraph covering this content or make it sound more professional.
  • Use AI to identify key insights from a document quickly.
  • Use AI to analyze large text-based data sets. Highlight a large body of text and ask for a bullet point summary of any length.

Step 5: Transforming Existing Content

Notion AI can help you transform existing content by adapting the tone, fixing spelling and grammar, finding synonyms, or translating content into another language.

Step 6: Drafting New Content

When starting from scratch, provide a prompt or some initial ideas and let AI help generate content for you. Once an output is generated, you can continue asking Notion AI for revisions until you're happy with the result.

Step 7: Writing a Great Prompt

The best way to get the output you want from Notion AI is to write a clear and specific prompt. Make sure to provide as much context as possible, avoid overly complicated language or jargon, and start with a clear goal in mind.

Getting Started With Content Planner 2.0

Landmark Labs' Content Planner 2.0 template is a comprehensive hub designed to make content planning in Notion as efficient as possible. To get started:

  1. Duplicate the Content Planner 2.0 template.
  2. Setup your first campaign.
  3. Set up a schedule in the 'Content Calendar'.
  4. Fill in the details for each piece of content.
  5. Keep track of progress using the 'Status' property.

By utilizing the Content Planner 2.0, you can effectively organize, plan, and track your content, ensuring a smooth workflow from ideation to publication.


Notion, with its versatile features and customizable interface, is an ideal tool for content planning. The Landmark Labs Content Planner 2.0 template, along with the Notion AI, make it an even more powerful platform, providing a robust and streamlined content planning experience. By harnessing these features and functions, you can transform your content planning process into a well-oiled machine.


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