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How To Duplicate & Use Notion Templates (2023 Guide)

Gerrard Lipscombe
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How To Duplicate & Use Notion Templates (2023 Guide)

So, you've come across a Notion template, setup or system that you'd like to try for yourself--let's talk about the quickest way to start using it within your own account.

No need for pre-amble, let's just jump right in.

How To Duplicate And Use A Notion Template

  1. Navigate to the desired Notion template page;
  2. Find the 'Duplicate' button in the top righthand corner of the page;
  3. (Note: If there's no Duplicate button, that means this Notion page isn't a template and cannot be cloned to your own account);
  4. Hit 'Duplicate', then log into or select the Notion account you'd like to have the template appear in;
  5. Sometimes you may need to wait a few seconds (or minutes for larger templates!) for the template to appear in your account. Open Notion in your browser or in the desktop app, then look at the top of your 'Private' pages--your template should appear there when ready;
  6. Click into the template page and start making your edits :)

Watch the Scribe walk-through.

How do you use someone's template on Notion?

Increasingly, more and more Notion users are creating and sharing their own custom templates with the community. Whether these templates are free or paid, the process for duplicating and using the template is precisely the same as what's shared above.

Unfortunately, not all Notion pages can be duplicated. So, while you may have the URL link to view a certain Notion page, the account owner may not have selected the 'Allow duplication' option--which means you won't be able to use that particular page or workspace as a template.

How do I edit a Notion template?

After following the steps above, you should be able to access the Notion template from within your own Notion account.

Simply make sure you're logged into your account, navigate to the template page, then start editing as you would with any other Notion page!

If you'd like to keep an original copy of the template you've duplicated, you can either store the duplicate URL for later reference--or, you might choose to make a copy of the template page, then edit your copy while leaving the original in tact.

How do I add a Notion template to my website?

Notion is an incredibly useful knowledge sharing tool--whatever your specific domain of knowledge happens to be, you may wish to share your own templates with your website visitors, customers and readers.

To learn more about creating and sharing your own Notion templates, I'd recommend reading this guide about how to create and sell Notion templates.

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