Notion's Affiliate Program: All You Need To Know [2024]

For the last few years, if you tried to find any information about Notion's Affiliate Program, you may have fallen down the same rabbit hole I did... which eventually led to a dead end: 'Sorry, but Notion has discontinued its affiliate program'.

Well, as of August 2022, Notion has reopened its program for affiliates, with some pretty sweet deals.

Key Takeaways For Notion's New Affiliate Program

  • 50% commission for the first 12 months on all payments (Team accounts);
  • Yes! Notion does have an Affiliate Program again, and you can apply here;
  • The program is open to bloggers, Notion creators, social media influencers and anyone who wants to promote their favorite all-in-one productivity tool :)

What is Notion's new Affiliate Program?

Forgive me, but since we talk about all things indie business, revenue models and marketing channels at Landmark Labs, here are the fundamentals:

If you're a Notion user, fan or creator that can't stop telling their friends about Notion (guilty), you're effectively acting as Notion's greatest salesperson. The thing is: you're doing it for free.

An affiliate program is a way for companies to reward those who refer and invite new users to the platform--often in a much more cost-effective way.

Say it costs Notion, on average, $250 in ads to acquire a new Team account. In the long run, this might bring them well over $500 in Customer Lifetime Value, so they are probably happy to make that trade.

But what if they could pay you, dear reader, a % commission instead of spending on ads? You are much more trustworthy than a random ad on Facebook, after all, and if you are already doing it--why pay Facebook $250 when you could share that marketing spend with your users?

Notion's Affiliate Program gives:

  • 50% on payments for the first year;
  • It is targeted at Team plans, only;
  • So, if you refer a 10 person team to Notion, you'll get (10 x $100)/2 = $500 for the referral!

Who can apply to Notion's Affiliate Program?

The Notion ecosystem is growing rapidly, as new users, creators and communities seemingly pop up every other week! All of these categories are eligible to apply, but some helpful hints would be:

  • Do you have an audience you speak to regularly that might be interested in using Notion (especially a Team account)?
  • Are you already writing content, posting on Twitter or publishing videos about Notion?
  • Are you creating and actively sharing Notion-made templates with others in the community?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes', chances are you'll be a great fit for the program.

How much can you earn as a Notion Affiliate?  

Well, this will naturally vary greatly, but given the generous commission structure, it isn't so crazy to say that earnings could be significant for prolific Notion voices, creators and makers. For prominent voices like Thomas Frank and Red Gregory, they are already receiving hundreds of thousands of views on Notion-specific content... supposing some of those viewers go on to create a paid Team account for their:

  • Small business;
  • Startup;
  • Company;
  • School;
  • Non-profit;
  • Etc.

Then those creators stand to make a couple of hundred on each referral.

Some closing thoughts

I was always curious as to why Notion didn't have an affiliate program for so long. I thought perhaps there was some principled logic behind it--maybe when you introduce an open affiliate program, the floodgates are opened to SEO-pros who will over-optimize and suck the life out of an organic and enthusiastic community!

I will say, however, that since the commission is targeting Team plans, it may also be a signal that Notion is looking for ways to increase that population of more serious business users. And the trend is heading that way--more and more significant companies are using Notion to run almost everything internally...

If I had to guess, I would say over 85% of Notion's users are on the Free plan--which is incredibly generous and you could honestly use, as an individual, for life.

What I suspect is that Notion creators and template makers may well lean towards the 'Team' use cases, now that there is a nice big juicy reward waiting for those who can successfully convert paying team customers.

Just a healthy dose of speculation for you to round it out.

Oh! And it would be a bit of a waste not to drop my own Notion Affiliate Link here since we're on the subject. If you do fancy signing up for a team account and use this link... well, you now know exactly how all that works, don't you :)

Happy building.


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