Notion vs. Evernote: Detailed Comparison Guide (2024)

For small business owners, the quest for the perfect productivity tool is paramount. Efficient knowledge management can propel a business forward, and in this article, we consider whether Notion or Evernote is the superior tool for doing just that.

Evernote: Mastering Note-Taking and Organization

Key Features:

  • Intuitive note-taking with rich text and multimedia support
  • Organizational features like notebooks, tags, and stacks
  • Web clipping tool for saving online information easily
  • Document scanning for digitizing paper documents
  • Task management features to track your to-do list
  • Integration with popular productivity tools


Evernote offers a basic free version, and its premium offerings are Essential at $3.99 per month and Personal at $7.99 per month, with more advanced features and increased upload limits.


  • User-friendly interface for quick note capturing and retrieval
  • Excellent for personal productivity and individual knowledge management
  • Robust search function to easily locate items within the app


  • Limited collaboration features on the free tier
  • Less optimal for more complex project management tasks

Reasons to prefer Evernote:

Evernote is ideal for individuals and small businesses that focus heavily on note-taking and gathering information from various sources, seeking a simple and reliable tool for personal organization.

Notion: A Comprehensive Platform for Team Productivity

Key Features:

  • Customizable workspaces for different aspects of your business
  • Powerful database functionality for managing tasks and projects
  • Documentation and collaborative editing
  • Wide range of templates for quick system setup
  • API access for advanced integration with other tools


Notion's Personal plan is free, while teams can opt for plans starting at $8 per user per month. To explore Notion templates catered to small businesses, visit


  • Flexible and multipurpose, covering needs from note-taking to project management
  • Encourages collaboration with shared workspaces and real-time editing
  • Strong template ecosystem lets you build systems fast and efficiently


  • May have a steep learning curve for those new to workspace management platforms
  • Some advanced features may be overkill for less complex needs

Reasons to prefer Notion:

Notion is recommended for small businesses that require a scalable and integrated platform to manage multiple aspects of their operations, from documenting processes to handling complex projects.


Evernote and Notion cater to different needs within the sphere of business productivity. While Evernote excels in capturing and organizing individual knowledge, Notion stands out as a tool that enables comprehensive business system management and team collaboration. For small businesses looking to maximize the potential of Notion, Landmark Labs offers an array of Notion templates designed to streamline your business processes, available at


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